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First Look: Ironheart’s Final Suit Revealed in Crew Gift

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Earlier this month, Marvel Studios fans got some disappointing news about delays for some highly anticipated projects. Among them was an apparently significant delay to September 2025 for Disney+ series Ironheart. We’ve discussed the Ironheart series a few times here already and are excited to share with you a special find that, according to our sources, actually reveals the final look for Ironheart’s new suit in the series.

Riri’s new Ironheart suits

Way back in August 2022, set photos revealed one new version of the Ironheart suit , caught in action as Dominique Thorne and Anthony Ramos filmed scenes for Ironheart in Atlanta, GA. But, per our sources, this is not the final version of the suit that Riri Williams will be donning in the series. 

riri williams ironheart suit marvel comics
Riri Williams in her Ironheart suit (Marvel comics)

As for that, we have to go to, of all places Ebay. Yes, Ebay. A friend of the site pointed out three different Ebay listings for some very sweet Ironheart socks. These socks were in fact Ironheart series crew gifts from Ryan Coogler, his wife Zinzi, another producer Sev Ohanian and Proximity.

The note included with the listings say, “Thank you! to the Wisest Guys around for a fantastic show! Sev, Zinzi, Ryan & The Team At Proximity.”  (“Wise Guy” is obviously in reference to Ironheart’s working title, which I broke the news of on July 5, 2021, shortly after launching this website.

[Ebay listings: ONE / TWO / THREE ]

Our sources say, this is the look for the series final Ironheart suit

Now one might look at this adorable Ironheart design on these socks and be skeptical about how close they may come to representing the final suit in Ironheart. However, according to multiple sources in the know that we’ve spoken to, this does come fairly close to the overall look of Riri’s final suit in the series.

ironheart-suit-design-full body

As was pointed out to me by my friend Alex Perez, the suit is “Literally a blend of the Wakanda Forever suit and her comic outfit. They aligned the heart to the middle and implemented the forehead heart.”

ironheart-suit-design face

What do you think about this new Ironheart suit design?

Do you like this for Riri’s new suit? What would you change about it if anything? Let us know on social media @mycosmiccircus or come to The Cosmic Circus Discord and say hi!

Marvel’s Ironheart, starring Dominique Thorne is expected to release on Disney+ in September 2025. For more of our Ironheart coverage be sure to check out our articles here. And find out more about Riri Williams and her origin in the comics guide linked below!

Ironheart Comics Reading Guide

Ironheart reading guide

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