About The Cosmic Circus

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The Cosmic Circus launched on July 1, 2021, the brainchild of owner/Editor-In-Chief Lizzie Hill. The website began mainly focused on news and reviews about sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies and TV series, but has since branched out to cover other genres, as well as books, comic books, gaming, travel, theater, and concerts. 

This website and/or contributors have been referenced by websites British GQ, CBR, Cinemablend, Comic Book Movie, Comicbook.com, Comingsoon.net, The Direct, The DisInsider, FandomWire, Game Rant, Inside the Magic, Looper, Movieweb, Screen Rant, Slashfilm, SuperheroHype, Tech Radar, and Variety, among many others.

Since July 2021, The Cosmic Circus has also developed two podcasts. One is our interview based podcast The Cosmic Cafe, where our host sits down with people from the entertainment world. The other podcast is The Cosmic Circle, a roundtable conversation with the writers from the site about the latest movies, streaming, and TV series. For more about these podcasts, inquiries, and where you can listen in or follow, visit this page.

Cosmic Cafe & The Cosmic Circle

Interviews for the site have been conducted with actors, writers, and producers from various productions, beginning with our first interview with Loki and Rick and Morty writer Eric Martin in September 2021. We have done both in person, as well as interviews via Zoom calls, and are happy to be flexible in the form of the interview. For examples of our previous interviews, please visit this page. Inquires about interview opportunities with us can be sent to Interview Lead Ayla Ruby or Editor-In-Chief Lizzie Hill at contact@thecosmiccircus.com.

Inquiries about book, game, or other product review requests/opportunities should be sent to Lizzie Hill at contact@thecosmiccircus.com. Most reviews are as articles that are posted on the website and shared on our social media. In some cases, we may do unboxing/video reviews on our YouTube channel.

Primary contributors to The Cosmic Circus

Lizzie Hill (Owner / Editor-In-Chief / Website & Social Media Manager)

 Archive: Lizzie Hill / X (Formerly Twitter): @mslizziehill / Email: LizzieHill@thecosmiccircus.com

Brian Kitson (Head Writer / Editor / Review Lead / News / Features / Podcast Host)

Archive: Brian Kitson /X (Formerly Twitter): @kitson301

Ayla Ruby (Interview Lead / News / Reviews / Features / Podcast Host)

Archive: Ayla Ruby / X (Formerly Twitter): @TulinWrites

Alex Perez (News / Reviews / Features)

Archive: Alex Perez /X (Formerly Twitter): @AlexFromCC

Luna Gauthier (Book Review Lead / Features / Cosmic Cuisine)

Archive: Luna Gauthier / X (Formerly Twitter): @Lunagauthier19

Vin (Comic Book Lead / News / Reviews / Features)

Archive: VinWritesWords / X (Formerly Twitter): @vinwriteswords

Anthony Flagg (Gaming Writer / News / Reviews / Features) 

Archive: Anthony Flagg  / X (Formerly Twitter): @redovah_

Wiktor Reinfuss (Gaming Writer / News / Reviews / Features)

Archive: Wiktor Reinfuss / X (Formerly Twitter): @Eridrexalkee

Uday Kataria (News / Reviews / Features / Interviews / YouTube Contributor

Archive: Uday Kataria / X (Formerly Twitter): @GoldenNinja3000

Drew Reed (News / Reviews / Features) 

Archive: Drew Reed / X (Formerly Twitter): @DrewReed1099

Emily Maack (News / Reviews / Features) 

Archive: Emily Maack / X (Formerly Twitter): @emilymcd11

John Dotson (Reviews / Features) 

Archive: John Dotson / X (Formerly Twitter): @JohnMovieWatch

Sam Pearce (Reviews / Features) 

Archive: Sam Pearce / X (Formerly Twitter): @SWPearce21

Maxance Vincent (Reviews / YouTube Contributor)

Archive: Maxance Vincent / Instagram: @maxfromquebec

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