About Our Comics Reading Guides

All of The Cosmic Circus’ reading guides are lovingly prepared by our Comics Lead Vin. Each character receives a list of recommended comics, as well as a deep dive into their history and how the comics have affected their multimedia adaptations. Most guides include additional information about TV, movie, and video game appearances, and many include multiverse appearances as well!

Priority for guides is determined by ongoing multimedia storylines and general fan interest. If you have feedback or would like to request a guide in the future, you can reach Vin on X/Txitter @vinwriteswords  or use the contact page to send an email message. 

If you’re new to comics, check out our Comics FAQ page and “How to Start Reading Comics” guide!

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Following our list of reading guides below, we’ve included a list of links to related categories and tags on this website for you to explore further!

List of Comics Reading Guides (DC and Marvel Comics)

Note: this list will be updated periodically, for the most current guides visit the reading guides archive.

  • Young Avengers Reading Guide features Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Cassie Lang, Wiccan, Hulkling, America Chavez, Kid Loki, Iron Lad, The Children’s Crusade and more!

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