My Pitch for a Multiversal ‘Deadpool 3’

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With the multiverse in flux and Deadpool finally preparing to cross over to the MCU, a multiversal Deadpool 3 movie makes a ton of sense. After watching Loki, and seeing the animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, I came up with a pitch for a Deadpool multiverse movie centered around the most enjoyable aspect of the Deadpool films: Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, himself. Today I’ll be taking a look at why exploring the multiverse makes sense as a key factor for the upcoming third installment of the Deadpool series. 

Why the multiverse for Deadpool 3?

For the crowd who enjoyed Deadpool movies and comic books so far, would you not love to see a ridiculous multiverse movie with infinite versions of the character? When you have eccentric characters in the MCU like Loki and Wade Wilson, it opens the door to all sorts of possibilities for the character in the multiverse. We even saw an Alligator variant of Loki, it doesn’t get much more insane than that. I believe Deadpool variants would attract the same hype and attention the same way all the Loki variants captured everyone’s attention, if not more.

Other than using the multiverse to showcase all the different Deadpools, using it as a pathway for Deadpool to reach the MCU without doing a reboot, also makes the most sense. Deadpool is already a well-established character with two movies under his belt and I personally wouldn’t be a fan of soft rebooting the character. But now is the perfect time to use the multiverse as the path to establishing Deadpool in the MCU.

The Evil Deadpool Corps

Every good story comes with a good villain, and the perfect villains for this story have already been established in the comics.

Evil Deadpool Corps (Marvel Comics)

For those who are not aware of the Evil Deadpool Corps, the story behind them is a variant of Deadpool, Dreadpool, has brought together and convinced a group of evil multiverse variants of Deadpool to wipe out every living Deadpool in existence throughout all realities. Putting a simple MCU twist on it, Marvel could make it so all of these Deadpools never experienced the events of Deadpool 2 and never got back their universe’s versions of Vanessa after she was killed. We saw at the beginning of Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson blamed himself only and even attempted to kill himself.

All these Deadpools so driven by rage and self-blame could decide to band together to wipe out all living Deadpools in the multiverse’s existence. Having the theme of this movie being Deadpool, it makes sense to have Deadpool or multiple Deadpools themselves be his own worst enemy. 

My ideas for the plot of Deadpool 3

The movie opens with Wade Wilson and Vanessa now living happily after Deadpool used a time machine to save her at the very end of Deadpool 2. With Wade Wilson messing with time, he accidentally altered the timeline and alerted the Deadpool Corps and the Evil Deadpool Corps of his existence in the multiverse.

The good Deadpool Corps shows up to inform Wade Wilson and Vanessa of Wade’s doings; they warn him that an Evil Deadpool Corps will follow and they must leave with the corps now. Deadpool, Vanessa, Domino, and Cable leave with the corps, but just as they are leaving the Evil Deadpool Corps shows up and slaughters the entire Deadpool Corps. The Prime Deadpool and the rest of his friends escape in time but with no idea how to navigate the multiverse.

Deadpool corps (Marvel comics)

In my pitch, the second act opens with them fleeing and escaping to an alternate universe that the Deadpool Corps opened a passage to before they died. They arrive and find refuge in an apocalyptic timeline where they hide out. Deadpool and friends are confronted by a hooded figure who turns out to be an incredibly old variant of himself. While we see some fun interactions between young and old Deadpool, with some bad jokes thrown in there, we eventually learn that the time machine Cable has allows them to navigate throughout the multiverse.

The Evil Deadpool Corps eventually find them and they flee again as we see a funny fight scene where the incredibly old version of Deadpool fights the whole Evil Corps and eventually loses. Deadpool flees with his friends to a number of different timelines where they encounter more ridiculous versions of Deadpool until they end up on a particular timeline.

The third act of my pitch begins with them arriving on a timeline where they are confronted by none other than Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Deadpool and Spider-Man exchange some banter and eventually become allies (naturally). The Evil Deadpool Corps finally arrive and we see a final battle take place in Central Park in New York City between the Evil Corps and Deadpool, Spider-Man, Cable, and Domino. With the help of Spider-Man, the Evil Corps is defeated and killed by Deadpool.

As the battle ends, Cable realizes his Time Navigator was broken in battle and they are now stuck in this random timeline. The movie ends with Spider-Man saying something like “I might know a guy who can help” and brings them to the Sanctum Santorum to meet the, by then, Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. 

To me, a multiversal Deadpool movie sounds like a great time and a perfect way to introduce Deadpool to the main MCU timeline. Ending Deadpool 3 on the prime MCU timeline could spin out into a number of different classic stories and finally allow Ryan Reynold’s Wade Wilson to interact with other much-loved Marvel characters already established in the MCU. What would you like to see in Deadpool 3? Let us know on Twitter @mycosmiccircus!

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