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Letter From The Editor

2021 is almost at an end, and the 6 month anniversary since The Cosmic Circus began as a site is coming up with it. I’m happy to report that November was an all-around tremendous month for our viewership growth with the help of my amazing friends and writers who have been contributing to the Cosmic Circus.

Vin and Alex especially had a couple of great articles that really grabbed readers’ attention last month (linked below). I also contributed an exclusive about how they plan to honor Chadwick Boseman and T’Challa’s legacy in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

I also delivered a run down about some rumors and some things I know about Ms. Marvel in this article:

What I Heard: Regarding Ms. Marvel’s Villains and Spoilery Rumors

In addition, we continued our brand new Cosmic Circle podcast with two more episodes in November! It’s been wonderful to hear the gang here get together and talk about DC and Marvel. I hope you’ll give our podcast a listen, and maybe even follow and share. It can be hard for a new podcast to get noticed, so we appreciate any help and support you can give us.

Subjects for the November podcasts included Disney+ Day, Eternals, and the first two episodes of Hawkeye, with more planned for December. (Podcast is available on Spotify, Youtube, and other platforms via Anchor)

~ Ms. Lizzie Hill

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Cosmic Circus

@MsLizzieHill on Twitter and Instagram

November Star of the Month: Tucker Watkins


With twelve qualifying articles in the Cosmic Circus Writers Contest for November, Tucker come out on top for the third month in a row! Here are a few of his articles from this month for you to check out. 

THEORY: The Future of Sony’s Spider-Verse Could Involve Miles Morales

Tucker also produced several reviews this month. My favorite is for the Andrew Garfield starring film Tick, Tick… BOOM! Check that and the rest out through the links below!

Review: ‘tick, tick…BOOM!’ Focuses on Passion and Self Isolation

See Tucker’s author page for more!

2nd Place: Brian Kitson

Brian finished second in November with 9 qualifying articles and 2 podcast appearances. Brian has written some wonderful reviews for The Cosmic Circus, and last month was no exception. See below for his work in November!

Review: ‘Lost in Space’ Season 3 is a Stellar Exploration Into Uncharted Territories

3rd Place: Tie between Alex Perez and Vin

Alex and Vin tied for third place this month. While they didn’t write quite as much as Brian and Tucker, they both provided some pretty heavy hitters (as I mentioned above) for the site this month as far as views and interaction on social media. 

Alex Perez shared some interesting bits of information and rumors in November. The most notable being: What I Heard: Rumored Plans for Spider-Man’s Future Post-No Way Home.

What I Heard: Rumored Plans for Spider-Man’s Future Post-No Way Home

See more from Alex below…

Meanwhile, Vin has dug up some great information in the past and did it again with a couple of X-Men ’97 animated series articles linked below. The most popular post this month is his X-MEN ’97: Character Designs Then and Now comparison article. 

X-MEN ’97: Character Designs Then and Now

He also completed a three-part series covering all the Vampire related movie projects in the works currently. Check that out and more X-Men articles this month from Vin, below!

Other November News

Other November Features

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