State of the Cosmos: January 3, 2022

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Letter From The Editor

2021 has come and gone, and as I reflect on it I have mixed feelings on both positive and negative changes I faced over the course of the past year. But I will choose not to focus on the negatives of 2021, and instead focus on the positives, some of which being this website and the wonderful group of people I’ve found to surround myself here at The Cosmic Circus.

After having lost my beloved mother in late 2020, for a long time I was very depressed and grieving, and questioning what my path and purpose should be. I still grieve her of course, but my decision to start this website last June, and our growth and development here, is something I believe she would have been proud of, and that makes me smile. 

In addition, I have been incredibly lucky to just happen to gather, purely by my own dumb luck I suppose, some of the most supportive, funny, kind, thoughtful people I have ever met online or in “real life.” This website and the people here have been the gift that keeps on giving to me. They help lift up not only me here, but each other, and it is a pleasure to have them in my life. So thank you to Alex, Anthony, Ayla, Brian, Drew, Julia, Tucker, Uday, and Vin for the support and companionship these past five months. Both for the work you put into writing articles and for the support and encouragement of myself and each other. You are not simply a workgroup or team here, you are like family. And again I believe my mom would be happy and proud to see the group I have “assembled” here.

The “State of the Cosmos” for The Cosmic Circus continues to be very good with our second-best traffic month of 2021 coming in December, despite being the holiday season, and our Patreon and Twitter following continues to grow. We have also added a couple of new writers to the Cosmic Circus family: Jake and Emily. I look forward to seeing what they have to contribute to the site, and I hope you do too.

Here’s hoping for more growth and prosperity for this site and for you all reading this and supporting us in 2022. With my new “fam” backing me, I’m optimistic that the coming year could be a mainly positive one for this website, and one where when I think of my mom, I’d picture her being full of pride and smiling.

~ Ms. Lizzie Hill

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Cosmic Circus

@MsLizzieHill on Twitter and Instagram

December Star of the Month: Alex Perez

The winner of our December writer’s contest for the first time, but probably not the last, is Alex Perez! Alex is a superstar not only for his research and writing but for all that he supports me with behind the scenes since the very beginning. And he is someone who I am lucky to call my friend. Check out some of his articles from December below!

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Review: A Spider-Man Fever Dream

Runner Up: Brian Kitson

Brian continues to be a hardworking, thoughtful, enthusiastic member of the Cosmic Circus with a number of reviews last month and a continuation on his Macro Marvel series which he started with Anthony many months ago. 

Secret Macro Marvel: ‘Secret Wars’ May Be The Next Step

December Podcast Episodes

The Cosmic Circle Podcast Episode 4: Spider-Man! Spider-Man!! Spider-Man!!!

Cosmic Circle Ep 5: Spoilery Hawkeye Series Finale Discussion

December News and Features

Exclusive: Hawkeye Finale Changes and Kingpin’s Future in the MCU

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I'm a lifelong fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book movies. In July 2021, I launched The Cosmic Circus as Editor-In-Chief with a small but passionate group of writers. @MsLizzieHill on Twitter and Instagram.

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