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Letter From The Editor

I am sorry for the tardiness with this latest “State of the Cosmos.” Typically, I try to get them out at the beginning of the month, to talk about the previous month, and unfortunately, life has gotten in my way quite a bit the past couple of weeks. It happens to us all sometimes, so I won’t go on complaining, but I’ll just say things are improving a bit now for me behind the scenes at The Cosmic Circus. And so now here we are finally with a new update on the site.

As for the state of the site for February, we had our fourth month in a row over 100K views, and hopefully we’ll be able to continue the trend in March. As we continue to look for ways to learn and improve and grow, there will be growing pains and occasional setbacks, of course, but I know that is all part of this journey. 

I sometimes get asked about writing for this site but unfortunately, we’re not taking on new contributors at this time. My advice to those with little or no writing experience who want to join us or a similar site is that you just start writing and posting it on your own somewhere. Use sites like Tumblr, Letterboxd, or wherever you can post your writing to keep it as an example of your work and your thoughts. They don’t have to be scoops or full-blown articles, but just examples of how you write and what you’re passionate to write about. I also recommend using Grammarly to help check your writing before you post. Once you’ve got a good sampling of your writing, start to inquire with a few sites you like and would enjoy writing for. Keeping a social media account that you would be comfortable showing prospective “bosses” (or your parents) as an example of who you are as a person is a good idea as well. 

Lastly, here’s a bit of an EXCLUSIVE scoop before we go on to the rest of the post. I have just today heard from a very reliable source that Letitia Wright has landed in Puerto Rico. You may recall this is where they will be finishing up filming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soon. We actually had an exclusive drop just yesterday about a location and some casting information we came upon which you can check out HERE. (and remember there may be other scenes being filmed there, not just what we describe in that article)

Now, keep in mind, I don’t have confirmation that she’s there to film the Black Panther sequel specifically just yet. It’s possible it’s for something else, or something in addition, but just know that yes Shuri is there. There’s no word on other key actors in the film there *yet.* I had heard previously that the shoot in Puerto Rico was moved to the end while Wright was recovering from injury, so it certainly makes sense that she might be taking part in a scene or two as they finish up there.

~ Ms. Lizzie Hill

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Cosmic Circus

@MsLizzieHill on Twitter and Instagram

February Star of the Month: Vin

star of the month

Vin (@vinwriteswords on Twitter) is our February Writer’s contest winner and Star of The Month! Some of the great articles he’s been putting together for us lately include the handy, well-researched, comic book reading guides linked below. If you are looking to prep for Moon Knight and Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness this is a great place to start!

You can find more articles by Vin on his author archive HERE.

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Runner Up: Brian

Brian has been one of our most prolific writers since the website launched in July 2021 and we continue to be blessed by his contributions here. In fact, he recently passed 100 articles written for this website! Check out his author page and some of his articles from February below!


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February News and Features

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