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State of the Cosmos: November 1, 2021

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Letter From The Editor

October has come and gone and as the leaves turn festive Fall colors here in New England I find myself thinking about the State of the Cosmos, reflecting not only on the state of this site but how life changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes painfully, sometimes a mixture of both. That being said, it has been another good month overall for The Cosmic Circus, with our Twitter follows and view/visitor stats continuing to grow significantly.

We are also very lucky to have some amazing Patreon members who continue to support the site and enable us to grow as well as reward the writers for their work. If you appreciate our work on this site, please consider becoming a member. A Patreon membership with us offers watch parties, a private Discord, occasional insider insights, as well as opportunities to ask me questions I might not normally answer on Twitter. 

Among the changes we’ve implemented this past month, was the addition of a new official podcast for the site called “The Cosmic Circle.” This is a roundtable-style podcast where we will have a revolving group of the site’s writers (and perhaps outside guests from time to time). The first episode is available on Spotify and many other services, or you can listen through the link below.

Here is the Premiere Episode of The Cosmic Circle Podcast!

For November, we have multiple podcasts planned including a review of Eternals, as well as Cowboy Bebop and Hawkeye premiere episodes. I hope you will give the podcast a listen sometime and get to know this wonderful group of people a bit better as I have.

October included some pretty awesome finds by our writers here, including articles about Will Poulter being cast as Adam Warlock in Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which was later confirmed by Deadline and James Gunn himself.

We also were the first to pick up on evidence that Bill Murray had a role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. This was soon followed by another great find here as we were the first English-speaking site to pick up on and translate a German Interview with Murray in which he confirmed that he was indeed in the Peyton Reed directed Marvel movie.

I continue to be proud of my Cosmic Circus family and the work they do on this site. We look forward to bringing you all more great content this month.

~ Ms. Lizzie Hill

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Cosmic Circus

@MsLizzieHill on Twitter and Instagram

October Star of the Month: Tucker Watkins

star of the month

With fifteen qualifying articles in the Cosmic Circus Writers Contest this month, Tucker come out on top for the second month in a row!

In October, Tucker wrote several articles and reviews for Dune:

Other highlight articles for Tucker in October include:

And here is my personal favorite from Tucker

Pitch: Howard the Duck and Deadpool Should Team Up

2nd Place: Brian Kitson

It was a real clash of the article writing titans this time between previous winners Brian and Tucker right up until Halloween. Brian took second place with fourteen qualifying articles for The Cosmic Circus in October!

Brian is a review machine! Check out his October reviews via the links below.

Other highlight articles for Brian in October include:

Also in October Brian and Anthony completed their Macro Marvel series!

Macro Marvel Part Five: Multiversal Heroes

3rd Place: Anthony Flagg

Anthony Flagg earned a very honorable third place in October producing eleven articles and making an appearance in the first Cosmic Circle Podcast. Anthony did some fantastic work this month with discoveries about Marvel’s plans for future animation projects as highlighted below.

Other highlight articles for Anthony from October include:

Speaking of space exploration, self-professed NASA nerd Anthony also provided us with a wonderful review of the new Disney+ series Among the Stars

Review: ‘Among the Stars’ on Disney Plus

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Lizzie Hill

I'm a lifelong fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book movies. In July 2021, I launched The Cosmic Circus as Editor-In-Chief with a small but passionate group of writers. @MsLizzieHill on Twitter and Instagram.

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