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Echo, the first-ever entry into Marvel’s new Spotlight banner, starring the mega-talented Alaqua Cox, dropped last week with a full five episodes. In this very special 50th episode of the Cosmic Circle podcast, we talk everything Maya Lopez, Kingpin, and yes, Daredevil, plus so much more.

Join host Ayla Ruby, along with Brian Kitson, John Dotson, and Alex Perez, as they discuss Maya Lopez, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin and Daredevil in the new Disney+ series. Warning: Spoilers are discussed within and below for Marvel’s Echo. 

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Ep. 50 Timestamps: Marvel’s Echo Discussion (Spoilers)

00:17 – Intros

01:30 – General impressions about Marvel’s Echo.

08:20 – Talk about use of ASL in the series

10:00 – Did the series meet your expectations or leave you wanting more?

12:30 – Talk about TV MA rating. Alex Perez mentions more TV MA Marvel projects in the future after this “pilot project” Echo.  “Thanks to Echo we’re getting more Marvel mature projects now.”

16:30 – Talk about the more “intimate” story told in this series.

18:40 – Top moments in Echo.

20:00 – Talking the brilliant sound design of the series.

24:40 – What didn’t work? 

25:45 – Alex Perez talks about a missing “Bonnie centered episode”, what was cut out of Echo, and why. Mentions that the episode would have made the tone shift away from Echo, and more to Bonnie, and that it would have felt more like a “filler” episode so they cut it. 

29:00 – Alex also talks a little about the cut/changes for Daredevil in Echo, that would have led into Born Again.

34:15 – More discussion about Daredevil’s appearance in Echo.

39:49 – Wilson Fisk/Kingpin’s appearance and relationship with Maya.  

44:00 – Per Alex, we will see more of the criminal underground moving forward, with Fisk as Mayor. And Alex mentions looking forward to seeing a villain that will be adapted to live-action for the first time in Spider-Man 4.

46:40 – Alex Perez on whether or not the Defenders/Daredevil Netflix shows really are canon. “Canon but isolated.” 

53:00 – About Karen and Foggy in Daredevil: Born Again

54:20 – How did Kingpin survive being shot in the face by Maya?

01:00:00 – Why was Maya’s dad killed by Kingpin and who killed her mom?

01:06:20 – What did Maya do to Kingpin when she tried to heal him?

01:08:47 – What’s next for Echo and Fisk?

01:13:35 – Final thoughts on the series… Can she “echo” across the multiverse to other ancestors?

01:16:00 – Outros

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Podcast credits and show notes

  • Alex Perez
  • Ayla Ruby
  • Brian Kitson
  • John Dotson
Executive Producer/Editor
  • Lizzie Hill

Recorded on 1/17/24

Superhero theme by HumanoideVFX on Pixabay.

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