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Welcome back, everyone. As summer is ending, so are some of the stories we’ve been wrapped up in for the last few months. This week brings quite a few series and events to a close. But every ending is a new beginning and there are a few of those as well this week. Read on to learn more about the new comics released on August 23, 2023!

[This week’s comics are provided by Warp Zone Comics and Collectibles. Warning: My reviews of this week’s comics contain some spoilers, read at your own risk.]

Boom! Studios: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111

This one is from Boom! Studios , written by Melissa Flores with the art of Simona Di Gianfelice. The beginning of a twelve-month (yes twelve months) event, issue #111 has Mistress Vile in control of the Grid and Dark Specter’s infections spreading through the universe. The Rangers are stranded and in no position to save anything. Things are bad. But then they get help from the most unexpected place. It may not be the help they want, but you know the line, they just might find, they get what they need.

This huge event is perfectly timed to celebrate 30 years of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and promises to bring some big changes to the Power Rangers universe. Long-time fans will love this new arc and new fans have found a great place to jump in!

DC: Knight Terrors #4

Knight Terrors #4 is written by Joshua Williamson and features the art of Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, and Caspar Wijngaard. This is almost the end of the Knight Terrors event that has taken over DC for the past few weeks.

Insomnia has been searching through everyone’s nightmares looking for the Nightmare Stone but it continues to elude him. Now our heroes are going to… bring it to him? Maybe there is a good reason for everything Insomnia has done.

This whole book was very slow. The pacing is used to try and build a feeling of dread and suspense but it’s just a little too slow with too little happening. It doesn’t really have the punch that a series called “Knight Terrors” ought to deliver. Perhaps the one-shot finale that ties everything together will provide the terrifying feeling this series should have.

DC: Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2

From DC, written by Dan Watters with art by Riccardo Federici. Jim Gordan is trapped in a Gotham hellscape (yeah, I get the irony) but he’s starting to see through the illusion. This issue gives us a lot of information about what’s happening in the overall Knight Terrors event.

DC COMICS Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2

As Jim battles his nightmare, he comes face-to-face with the powers that Insomnia is using to trap everyone in these nightmare worlds. And they aren’t happy about being used by Insomnia. Perhaps a rebellion is coming to wrap up the event?

This issue is very well written. Jim’s nightmare is truly terrifying and is presented in a way that draws the reader into the fear and hopelessness that he’s experiencing. 

DC: Penguin #1

Penguin #1 is written by Tom King with art from Rafael De Latorre. In this new series from King, the Penguin becomes a… mole? Yep. After faking his death years ago, the Penguin has returned to Gotham to be a mole for the United States.

It’s an exciting concept and it’s told in an interesting way. King uses the internal dialogue of several different characters (none of which are the Penguin) to move the story along. Having so many different impressions of the Penguin was kind of cool, and definitely an intriguing way to tell this story.

Marvel: Black Panther #3

From Marvel, written by Eve L. Ewing and art by Chris Allen. T’Challa has been active in Birnin T’Chaka and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. The five crime families that run Birnin T’Chaka have heard whispers of the Black Panther’s return. Now they’ve decided to take care of the problem by bringing in an assassin, the cyborg Deathloc.

While the crime families are looking to get rid of Black Panther, he’s looking to make some new friends. He teams up with Beisa, a thief who dresses like a cat, to investigate some recent disappearances that seem connected to those same crime families that want to take Black Panther out.

The team-up between Black Panther and Beisa smells a lot like the whole Batman/Catwoman scenario, which has been played out over at DC many times. Maybe Ewing can do it better but starting a series off with a recycled plot from a competitor seems like a bad choice.

Marvel: Daredevil and Echo #4

From Marvel, written by B. Earl and featuring the art of Phil Noto. Daredevil and Echo #4 is split into two parts that each follow one of the two heroes characters in which this comic is named. Daredevil spends his time facing off against the Blind One, who is trying to manipulate him into making a certain decision. It’s more of a mental fight than anything physical but who better for such a battle than a lawyer! 

New Comics August 23, 2023. Daredevil and Echo #4

While those two try to out-maneuver each other, Echo works with Ghost Rider to try and save children who have been kidnapped by the Demagoblin. Their job is complicated by poor communication, Ghost Rider doesn’t know sign language and Echo can’t read lips if Ghost Rider doesn’t have any! But the two manage to find a way to make it work. 

There is a concept of bloodlines and linked heritage bordering on the whole “sins of the father” idea, which I’m not crazy about. But it allowed for Daredevil and Echo to gain some interesting history and backstory, which was cool. Overall, a nice storyline but really best if read all together (so if you haven’t read issues #1-3, go find them first).

Marvel: The Immortal Thor #1

From Marvel, written by Al Ewing with art by Martin Coccolo. Ewing reminds us that the god of thunder is known by many names, but he is best known as The Mighty Thor. Now Thor is the All-Father. But instead of agonizing over whether he measures up to his father, Thor embraces the role and comes out swinging at everything that endangers the 10 realms.

Ewing quickly establishes that Thor is a warrior, a good guy, and a hippie (just kidding), I mean that he loves Earth and is its defender (same thing right?). Unfortunately for Thor, he might not be the biggest kid on the block. There’s something coming that might be even more powerful than him.

And don’t forget Loki. Ewing makes it clear that he’ll be around for this series. But will he be helping Thor, the coming threat, or just himself? Only time will tell.

And that’s some of the new comics released on August 23, 2023

And now it’s time for one more ending, this article’s! But don’t worry, there’ll be a new one next week. Until then, read on! If you want to pick up physical copies of any of these comic books but are unsure where a shop is near you, try checking on

What are your thoughts on the new comics from August 23, 2023? What are your favorite comics right now? Let us know on social media such as Twitter or The Cosmic Circus Discord!

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