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Report: ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries’ to Be Retitled ‘Agatha’

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When WandaVision aired in 2021, Marvel fans eagerly looked forward to the show. The show went on to receive critical acclaim, and is one of the most popular Marvel Studios Disney+ shows and projects overall. It’s no surprise that Marvel would want to continue to explore this corner of the MCU as much as possible by greenlighting two spinoffs based on the fantastical story of Westview.  One of these projects is the highly anticipated Agatha series, coming to Disney+ Fall 2024. When the show was announced in 2021, it was revealed that its original subtitle was Agatha: House of Harkness. This was later changed to Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Other titles, such as Agnes of Westview, later began to come up before the show’s title was ultimately changed to Agatha: Darkhold Diaries

Many fans grew worried about the WandaVision spinoff with so many changes regarding the show’s title, believing it to be a sign of Marvel exec’s indecision regarding something as simple as the show’s title. Thankfully, some clarification on our end might help illuminate some fans on the upcoming season, and the Agatha series’ episode titles, before the show airs in September.

Agatha confronts Wanda in WandaVision
Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) in ‘WandaVision’ (Marvel Studios/Disney)

Kathryn Hahn’s Disney+/Marvel series will be officially titled “Agatha”

Marvel Studios has once again decided to change the title of the upcoming WandaVision spinoff centered on Agatha Harkness (Katheryn Hahn). The show, previously titled Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, will now be simply known as Agatha. (Source: official Disney website )

The title change was first hinted at by a recent filing at the US Copyright Office; however, it had not been a completely verifiable source of confirmation about the show’s title change until now. Even with this new change, that doesn’t mean that the subtitles we’ve come to know over the years will merely disappear.

Agatha controlling fake Pietro WandaVision
Agatha controlling Ralph Bohner (Evan Peters) in ‘WandaVision’ (Marvel Studios/Disney)

Former subtitles for Agatha are now episode titles

Our sources have also confirmed that every subtitle/working title that has been utilized until now is actually an episode title for the upcoming Agatha series. This means that Agnes of Westview, Coven of Chaos, Darkhold Diaries, and House of Harkness will all be potential episode titles for the show.

The first of these episodes will be “Agnes of Westview,” where our sources confirmed the ongoing rumor of the story of the premiere episode, in which “Agnes,” still trapped inside Wanda’s spell, is investigating a murder case in Westview.

In this project, fans can look forward to seeing the return of everyone’s favorite villainous witch, Agatha Harkness. She manages to break out of the spell the Scarlet Witch put her in at the end of WandaVision, only to find that she’s been stripped from her powers.

To get her powers back, she embarks on a journey to find her powers with some unlikely allies. However, she will discover that her past finally comes back to haunt her, as shadows of a time long past come to collect their debt for Agatha’s sins. The Agatha series will premiere on Disney+ this coming Fall 2024.

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