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Report: Marvel Studios Registers 2 NEW Production Companies

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For years, Marvel Studios has worked hard to keep the identity of their projects secret by linking them to working titles that normally have little to no connection with the project at hand. And every year, the titles become increasingly difficult to identify. For example, we used to go from obvious titles like Vita-Ray (Captain America), Asgard (Thor), Pym Particles (Ant-Man) to more subtle titles like Supreme (Doctor Strange), Warbird (Captain Marvel), and Kimoyo (Black Panther).

And now, they’ve become increasingly more secretive with titles like Grass-Fed, On Your Mark, and Oakhaven to name a few. Anything to ensure the sensitive nature of the project Marvel Studios is working on.

Thankfully, however, many eagle-eyed fans have learned how to identify these projects from time to time. We’ve come across two new production titles to add to that long list of unannounced projects.

Thanks to some incredible investigation and sleuthing from our own Ayla, The Cosmic Circus has come across two brand new production titles for upcoming Marvel Studios projects. These projects are registered under Extremely Dangerous Productions LLC and Prodigal Pie Productions LLC.

We were able to confirm through state filings that not only are both of these Marvel but that they are currently slated as a “Production Entity for a DTC Series” and a “Streaming Service Production”, meaning both should be intended for release on Disney+.

Much like their recent production company counterparts, however, these titles offer us very little clarity as to what upcoming MCU projects these productions are linked to.

We plan to continue updating this report as more information becomes relevant relating to these two productions. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter @mycosmiccircus!

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