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After six seasons, Supergirl came to a close Tuesday evening with a two-part series finale. Fans knew for quite a while that the show was coming to a close, with news of the final season announced in September of 2020. This should have been enough warning, however, I still was not unprepared for the final journey with the Girl of Steel. The finale (or this season for that matter) wasn’t perfect, however, the conclusion was exactly what I wanted. I laughed many times and cried even more. And while I felt there was still more story in these characters that I would have loved to explore, the finale part of Supergirl’s journey was the perfect way to say goodbye.

Warning: Spoilers from Supergirl’s series finale are below!

The first hour picked up moments after the last episode. Supergirl and her team make it back to the Watchtower, albeit too late. William (Staz Nair), who has become a trusted ally of the Super Friends, is dead and Esme (Mila Jones) is gone. Right on cue, Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) appears on the screen demanding the rest of the totems in exchange for Esme’s life.

From that moment on, it became a race to find the last totem and rescue Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Kelly’s (Azie Tesfai) daughter before it was too late. The episode had some great action sequences, though the final battle stands out the most. The fight brought back a collection of Supergirl’s greatest hits. Such as Red Tornado and Metallo. The scuffle also saw the return from Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan), and Mon-El (Chris Wood). Each of these heroes had a spectacular entrance, causing me to cheer happily. Seeing them once more and screen made my heartache for more of these fan favorites.

I was shocked when the fight with Luthor and Nxylgsptinz (Peta Sergeant) ended with forty more minutes left in the episode. Those forty minutes ended up being some of my favorite moments of the entire season. Seeing Alex and Kelly get their happy ending was something that I have been waiting years to see. And the writers did not disappoint. The wedding between the two was beautiful and saw everyone together once more for a happy occasion. 

The wedding also provided a touching moment between Kara (Melissa Benoist), Winn, and Jimmy as they reminisce about how their journey began back in season one. It was a slow, peaceful moment of reflection about how each of them has grown and become who they wanted to be. Well, except for Kara. But more on that for a moment.

The finale also saw the return of someone I have been waiting so long to see once more. That’s right, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) made her long-awaited return. She and Kara didn’t share any direct scenes with each other until the very end, she popped up a few times to speak on the phone with Kara. She finally shared with Kara that she knew she was Supergirl and urged Kara to live one authentic life. Instead of the two half-lives she’s struggled with for six seasons. Just seeing Cat Grant on the screen once more, along with her famous pep talks, was something I have missed more so than anything else from Supergirl’s past. While the glimpses were small and just enough to wet fan’s whistles, it was essential to have Cat Grant back for a proper conclusion.

The pacing of the finale felt a bit off. Throughout the second half of the sixth season, we became invested in the race to collect the totems before Nxy and Lex. In the end, it felt like they moved too quickly to wrap up all the stories and give a satisfying ending. I wish there were one or two more episodes to allow the story to wrap up naturally and not be shoehorned into the way it was. 

I also hoped and expressed a few times throughout the episode that Nxy would turn to the side of good. There were glimpses of a good person within her, especially in her desire to protect Esme from Lex. However, there was not enough time to explore that storyline fully and fans were left with Nxy not having any redemption arc.

Two final thoughts from this season is that I hope some of the characters get spin-offs or move to other Arrowverse shows. Specifically, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), who really came into her own as a witch. The confidence she developed in herself along with the trust she gained with the Super Friends was remarkable. I hope this episode wasn’t the last we see of her. As well, Brainic-5 (Jesse Rath) also grew a significant amount this season, giving two of the best scenes in the finale. To see Brainy finally choosing love and happiness over logic brought tears to my eyes.

Overall the series finale of Supergirl was an incredible conclusion for both the show and its characters. Everyone got their happy ending, even if it wasn’t the ending that I or fans had envisioned for them. And the way it ended seems to indicate that this isn’t the for these characters, even if we no longer get to see it.

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