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‘Spy x Family Code: White’ Understands The Mission

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The Forgers are back, baby. Not only that, the unconventional anime family of Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger has returned for their own full-length feature film Spy x Family Code: White. Directed by Takashi Katagiri and written by Ichiro Ohkouchi, and based on the popular manga by Tatsuya Endo, Code: White will finally be released in the U.S. and other countries this month, after debuting in Japan last December.

I was delighted to be given access to the film to watch this weekend, as I’ve been looking forward to this continuation of Crunchyroll’s Spy x Family series. I’ve loved the show ever since my friend Alex Perez pointed it out to me as a “wholesome” anime option that I might like to try. 

But is Spy x Family Code: White worth checking out? Read on to find out what I thought.

[Warning: mild spoilers discussed for the film below.]

Spy x Family Code: White: The story

The Spy x Family series is colorful, delightful, funny, and fairly wholesome considering the show features one badass assassin and a gentleman spy. There’s also plenty of action and political intrigue going on that’s enough to keep the adults watching interested. Adorable pink haired moppet Anya is the star of the show, getting into trouble regularly, while the telepathic orphan lives it up with her new super cool family.

Anya Forger in Spy x Family Code: White
Anya Forger (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki and Megan Shipman) in Spy x Family Code: White (© Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha)

Code: White follows much the same formula in this sense, while also providing a fresh adventure for the Forger family as they trek off together to unfamiliar territory in the hunt for the perfect dessert. As premised in the series, WISE spy Twilight, (aka Loid Forger), is responsible for Operation Strix, and to be successful, he must form a family, with a wife and child as his cover, and get close to certain political high ups in an effort to keep peace between his country of Westalis and Ostania, where most of the series takes place. 

As for Spy x Family Code: White‘s plot, I don’t want to give much away here, but once again mischievous little Anya has gotten herself into a bit of a pickle (or rather a truffle has gotten into her!) and she has unwittingly set a chain of scary, exciting, hilarious, and family-time filled events in motion. As a result of her accidental sweets indulgence, Anya has swallowed a very important microchip that could mean war between Westalis and Ostania if it falls into the particularly nasty bad guy’s hands.

Can the Forgers come together to save Anya, and stop a war? You’ll have to watch the film to see how it all pans out. 

The family Forger: Loid, Yor, Anya, and Bond

Who needs Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt when we have renowned super spy Twilight on the job, right? Although, I wouldn’t exactly say that Loid/Twilight was the brightest of bulbs when it comes to his marriage (and the fact that Yor, the wife he recruited into his mission, is in fact, a highly skilled assassin known as The Thorn Princess).

Loid is not only clueless of his wife’s dangerous occupation, but of her developing feelings for him and their family as a whole. Those developing feelings about each other, and yearning to keep their found family together, is something it’s apparent that he has in common with her. 

Loid Forger in Spy x Family Code: White
Loid Forger (voiced by Takuya Eguchi and Alex Organ) in Spy x Family Code: White (© Tatsuya Endo_Shueisha)

The Loid and Yor slow burn romance is one that I’ve been enjoying since the first season. It’s a lovely take on the “will they or won’t they” trope, as these two slowly realize there may be more to life than their assigned missions. They’re falling in love with each other, and their family, and it’s one of the best things that makes me want to keep watching the series, in my opinion.

I haven’t read the manga by Tatsuya Endo yet (it’s on my list!), so I don’t know how far or quickly the relationship blossoms, but I’m on board this “ship” and always enjoy the Loid-Yor rom-com elements running through the series.

Code: White continues this thread as Yor’s passive-aggressive co-workers start talking about men cheating, right when our eagle-eyed heroine spots a close encounter between Loid and another woman (Go away, Fiona! He’s already married!). Cue hilarious rom-com situations, including a laugh out loud moment on a Ferris wheel which I knew was coming because well… it’s SO them. I just hope Loid’s pretty face isn’t permanently marred one of these days.

Yor Forger in Spy x Family Code: White
Yor Forger (voiced by Saori Hayami and Natalie Van Sistine) in Spy x Family Code: White (© Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha)

As for Yor Forger. She has plenty to do in this film, whether it’s beating the bejezus out of a couple of bad guys who had Anya cornered on the train (Don’t mess with Anya’s momma, baddies!), battling a Winter Soldier-esque super soldier, or worrying about keeping up her marriage with Loid. (Honey, don’t worry. He’s definitely into you.). Yor and her at one moment adorable awkwardness, with a lack of cooking and social skills, to completely frying the enemy with her badassery, has had me hooked from the beginning.

But as I said earlier, incorrigible cutie pie Anya is the star of the show, and she can’t help but make you love her and root for her to get to keep her found family together. What with Anya’s secretly being a telepath, and her loyal dog Bond being able to see into the future, I like her chances. 

This unlikely “found family” has been one of my favorites on television/streaming since I started watching it last year, and this new movie is no exception. I hope the manga and those behind the anime series can keep it up so we have a happy ending for the Forgers. In the meantime, let’s just say that Spy x Family Code: White understands the mission, and the mission is family.

Spy x Family CODE: White Interview: Megan Shipman & Natalie Van Sistine

Natalie Van Sistine and Megan Shipman: Spy x Family Code: White Banner

Lots of Forger family fun and fighting in Spy x Family Code: White

I laughed out loud several times during Code: White, and while the film feels more “wholesome” than many animes on Crunchyroll, parents should be aware of a little adult language, smoking, and some scary moments with fierce fighting and gun play. It has a PG-13 rating. I wouldn’t have an issue with bringing kids to see it; however, it’s just something for parents to keep in mind. 

Those of you not into “toilet humor” may not be amused with this one as well. Although Anya’s rainbow filled poop inspired fever dream as she tried to keep from passing her microchipped “truffle” so to speak, left me rolling with laughter. To each their own. 

Overall, I highly enjoyed this first foray into film by the Forgers (now say that 10 times fast!). I had a bunch of laughs, got my rom-com, and action movie fix, and continued to have hope for world peace. What more can we ask for in a movie in this day and age?

Spy x Family the series is streaming on Crunchyroll  and Spy x Family Code: White will be released in U.S. theaters on April 19, 2024. Do you plan to go see this film? Let us know on social media @mycosmiccircus or in The Cosmic Circus Discord!

If you’re interested in checking out the manga by Tatsuya Endo as well, you can get a preview on Viz and purchase it there, via Amazon or most places books are sold.

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