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Cosmic Circle Ep 5: Spoilery Hawkeye Series Finale Discussion

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Here is episode 5 of our new roundtable-style podcast The Cosmic Circle featuring the writers from the site. For this episode, host Uday, along with Emily, Ayla and Brian have a SPOILERY discussion of Marvel’s Hawkeye mainly focusing on the finale! There’s a little bit of Spider-Man: No Way Home talk too but you can expect a full spoilery discussion of the latest Spider-Man film from us in January. 

For more episodes and options for where to listen in, visit The Cosmic Circus on Anchor. 

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Uday Kataria

Hi! I'm a huge Marvel, DC, and LEGO fan. I run my own YouTube channel (GoldenNinja3000) and write/host podcasts for The Cosmic Circus. I also created and produced the LEGO Ninjago short film "Golden Hour".

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