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Yassir Lester Tapped as Head Writer for ‘Armor Wars’

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In an exciting revelation on Friday from Deadline, we have learned who the Head Writer for the upcoming Marvel series, Armor Wars on Disney+. Yassir Lester was tapped to lead the charge and has already worked alongside the show’s star, Don Cheadle, both in front of the camera and as a writer for the showtime comedy, Black Monday.

Labeled an “American historical dark comedy”, the people involved with Black Monday didn’t shy away from the humor that can be found in the darkest of situations. Something like that could work in a show about the consequences of Tony Stark’s actions. Not only is Lester’s comedic abilities showcased through Black Monday, but he is also a voice actor for Fox’s Duncanville, which is being praised as one of the best-animated adult shows around. Which is saying something when you have Rick and Morty on the scene.

Armor Wars was only announced during the investor’s presentation this past November. It’s fantastic to see the studio pounce on talent as Lester, while we remain hopeful for an announcement of a director to be attached to this series soon. After having found multiple Emmy nominations for the work done on the first three Disney+ projects (namely WandaVision’s in ‘best-limited series’), Marvel Studios is eager to continue that streak and amplify what has worked for them so far, fostering talent and encouraging it to blossom into something spectacular.

Lester has yet again brought something for us to look forward to as, “insiders say Lester’s pitch excited execs as well as Don Cheadle for what he thought Armor Wars could be.” After 10 years of portraying Rhodey, impressing Cheadle for the future direction of his character is no small feat. Cheadle having suited up multiple times in many films since Iron Man 2, even making a brief cameo on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, shows his importance of involvement in the MCM. While we don’t know much about Armor Wars outside of the main plot point of Tony Stark’s tech in the wrong hands, the inclusion of Lester and his impression to the studio is one to be strongly considered. After all, Rhodey was involved in both battles of Wakanda and New York and engaged alongside Tony in Captain America: Civil War

What further heights could we soar with this character? Rhodey’s character already experienced a moment that highlighted his ability to show range, with one moment flying high and the next his legs were crushed and he had to go through physical therapy to regain mobility. Cheadle never missed a beat, while delivering some of the best performances within the MCU. Will we see him continue to interact with more heroes, and give further guidance and support to those soon to join the MCM? With Lester’s knack for laughs and Cheadle’s delivery of humor, this show may surprisingly be engaging with a good level of humor underneath. As we recall, Tony was one for quips and jokes and sometimes it even rubbed off on Rhodey, which I hope to see more of.

Armor Wars is expected to release sometime in 2022 or 2023 exclusively on Disney+.

Source: Deadline

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