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9 Things Learned About ‘Moon Knight’ From Jeremy Slater

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Today’s the day Marvel’s newest series Moon Knight officially premieres on Disney+. Last night, show creator Jeremy Slater did a Twitter question and answer session with fans excited about the show. Here are nine things we learned!

  1. 9: Marvel has a big list of characters they want to develop 

Slater had a general meeting with the MCU brass a few years ago, after trying to get their attention for some time. A general meeting is basically the first step in building a relationship between a writer and a development executive or producer – it’s where they start to get to know each other. In that general meeting, Marvel gave him a list of characters they wanted to develop something around. Moon Knight was on that list and Slater was all in.

8: Moon Knight has been in the works for at least 3 years

After that general meeting, Slater started working with Marvel creative executives Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin in July or August of 2019 to develop a pitch for the show. So while so many of us were watching Spider-Man: Far From Home, Slater was already working to expand the MCU. 

7: What episode is his sentimental favorite 

Huge chunks of the pilot came from Slater’s first pitch to Kevin Feige. 

6: Getting the mythology right

Marvel was very supportive of the show’s writers and provided “a wealth of research material” to help them get the Egyptian mythology aspects of the show correct. According to Slater, they had a “real-life Egyptian archaeologist on speed-dial.”

According to the credits in “The Goldfish Problem, “ Moon Knight’s first episode, the Egyptology Consultant was Ramy Romany. Cultural consultants were SILA Consulting – Rhonda Ragab, Shazia Mian, and Bushra Bangeel. 

5: Inventing a villain 

Moon Knight’s most recognizable comic foe is Bushman, but the show team felt he was too close to Erik Killmonger from Black Panther. Thus Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow was born.

4: Geeking out over Khonshu’s voice 

Slater was as excited to write the words for Khonshu as we were to hear them when he found out that F. Murray Abraham was his voice actor. Looks like the show’s creator is a fan of Amadeus.

3: Moon Knight probably isn’t done in the MCU

Moon Knight is currently considered a limited series with only 6 episodes, but Slater is “pretty damn confident” that this isn’t the last time we’ll see him in the MCU. He also said he’d write a Moon Knight movie “in a heartbeat.”

2: Scary, not gory

In the comics, Moon Knight is quite bloody. This version of the character has less gore, but “it’s definitely the scariest thing Marvel has ever made.”

1: Our aquatic friend

And last, but perhaps most importantly – Steven Grant’s goldfish is named Gus. 

What did you think of the premiere episode of Moon Knight? Share your thoughts in the comments or with us on Twitter @MyCosmicCircus.

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