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Batman Cruises Through Glasgow in Set Pics From ‘the Flash’

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It was reported recently that DC film The Flash had moved to Glasgow, Scotland for filming, and residents have been on the lookout for the stars of the film. Michael Keaton and Ezra Miller have already been spotted filming, now it seems as if Ben Affleck’s Batman has as well… Or at least his stunt double has.

Check out the set images below!

It certainly looks like Affleck’s Batman, not Keaton’s, on that Batcycle. Glasgow was also used while filming Robert Pattinson’s Batman film earlier this year, as a double for Gotham city for some scenes. Flash Film News Twitter account had earlier indicated they were hearing the shoot would involve a chase scene. Now we know who is probably doing the chasing.

A few other details about the shoot, provided by is that the scenes are being filmed at George Square, and include a marketplace and hot dog stand, as well as a “typical yellow American school bus” and a postal van. 

Glasgow Live paid an early visit this morning for a nosey, and we spotted crews setting up for filming alongside catering and prop trucks and Universal Studios production vans. A typical yellow American school bus was also parked on Cochrane Street while a host of cars and vans with American licence plates – including a US Postal Service van – were parked in front of the City Chambers.

Meanwhile the key clue to Glasgow’s appearance as Gotham came in the form of a Gotham Transit Authority bus parked on George Street. Although the ‘Gotham’ had been taped over on the side of the bus, a closer look at the sign for the $4 fare read ‘Gotham Transit Authority’.

George Square also looks to be getting set up as a market place, with wooden crates and stands being put into position and a hot dog stand situated next to Nelson’s Monument.

The Flash directed by Andy Muschietti stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as different versions of Bruce Wayne. The Flash is expected to hit theaters on November 4, 2022.

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