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IMDB Listing Supports a Captain Marvel Appearance in ‘Ms. Marvel’

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A recent IMDB listing for stunt woman Shauna Galligan was discovered under Ms. Marvel with a character name of “Agent Danvers.” As you may already know, IMDB listings can be faulty, but considering the important part Carol Danvers has in Ms. Marvel’s origin story, honestly, is there much doubt she’s showing up in the series? I would be genuinely surprised if she didn’t.

Here’s a tweet from the eagle eyed Ms. Marvel fan account that spotted it.

Galligan was a stunt double for Brie Larson as well as Gwyneth Paltrow and Karen Gillan in Avengers: Endgame as well as working in other Marvel films. I also noted as I checked the listing myself that Galligan is listed as working in the first and last episode.

Carol appearing in the first and final episode of Ms. Marvel would certainly make sense if she’s meant to appear in the beginning as a sort of inspiration to Kamala, then shows up at the end to meet or help her before they go off together to fight side by side in The Marvels.

Some things to note, however: I have not been able to confirm Brie Larson filming in Georgia at all. It’s possible she did, but I didn’t hear that. It’s very possible something was filmed for Ms. Marvel in the UK or while they were briefly filming in New Jersey.

The other caution I need to give you is I seem to recall hearing a long while ago that Alysia Reiner’s character name was sort of similar to Danvers. And she’s working with the N.I.C.E. baddies, so she’d probably be an “agent.” With that in mind, it’s possible that Galligan is her stunt double instead but the name is fouled up somehow. I’m doubtful of that, but again, this is an IMDB listing so viewing with a little caution is usually a good idea.

That being said, personally, I’d be really surprised if Captain Marvel isn’t in this at all, all things considered with both the comics history and this future Marvels film. Unfortunately, it’s just not something I can confirm with my sources at this time.

What do you think? Is Brie Larson turning up as Carol Danvers in the Ms. Marvel series?

Ms. Marvel stars newcomer Iman Vellani. The streaming date is not currently set on Disney+. It is expected later in 2021, probably in the fall before the Hawkeye series. The Marvels is slated to hit theaters on November 11, 2022, and is expected to start filming in the UK very soon.

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