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Book Review: ‘Black Cat: Discord: A Marvel Heroines Novel’ by Cath Lauria

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Felicia Hardy is arguably the best thief in the world. So when a magical golden apple shows up in New York promising the answer to any one question for the owner, everyone wants Felicia to nab it for them. But she has no interest in golden apples. Instead, a scruffy little teenager has stolen Black Cat’s attention. Casey Beck’s dad has gone missing. Casey knows that Felicia was the last one to see him before he disappeared, so she’s come to her for help. Usually, Black Cat doesn’t have time for missing persons or surly teenagers, but she has a soft spot for daddy-daughter issues. She agrees to help, but finding him might be harder than it sounds, especially with that golden apple rolling around town causing mayhem. Find out if Black Cat is up to the task in Cath Lauria’s Black Cat: Discord.

[Note: While I am reviewing this novel independently and honestly, it should be noted that it has been provided to me by Aconyte Books for the purpose of this review. Warning: My review of Black Cat: Discord contains some spoilers!]

A perfect night out for Felicia Hardy turns into mayhem

Felicia Hardy is out at the Met Gala. But of course, she’s doing more than just seeing and being seen. She’s scoping out the lavishly dressed guests’ jewelry and accessories. She’s not planning on swiping anything tonight, she is just looking for future targets. All anyone wants to talk about is the mysterious golden apples that have been popping up all over the world.

Whoever finds one can ask a single question and the apple will answer it. So far it hasn’t turned out well for the finders, but everyone is sure they could do a better job. Everyone besides Felicia. She’s been tempted with magical knowledge before and she knows it’s tainted goods. She wants nothing to do with any magical apples, even golden ones.

Unfortunately for Felicia, fate has other plans. While she’s checking out the gala one of the golden apples appears right in front of her. She tries to get out before anyone notices the apple but has no luck. Everyone starts fighting over the apple. Felicia tries to sneak out of the melee but as she’s leaving the Met a teenage girl tries to get her attention. When Felicia ignores the girl she sics the paparazzi on Felicia. After a long car chase, Felicia finally shakes them and returns home to unwind. Just when she thinks that her night is done, an intruder pops up in her garage! 

It’s the girl from the Met. As Felicia studies her she realizes she’s been seeing her all week. Popping up different places, she’s been trying to get her attention. Now she has it.

A missing father and a missing apple

Casey Beck has tracked Black Cat down all the way from nowhere, Ohio. Her father was taken into FBI custody to testify in a big case but he’s disappeared. Seeing as how the FBI is the one who lost him, Casey doesn’t trust them to find him again. She’s certain that Felicia was the last one to see her father, but she won’t share why she thinks this.

Felicia is torn between kicking Casey out and helping her. On the one hand, she doesn’t really do the whole hero thing. On the other hand, Casey has impressed her (against her will). Not to mention a certain comradery that she feels towards Casey over fellow daddy issues. In the end, she decides to both help and teach Casey as they search for her father.

Black Cat: Discord

Complicating matters is the golden apple. It’s rolling all over New York City, changing hands faster than a hot potato. It keeps popping up interfering with Black Cat’s search for Casey’s dad. Black Cat has no interest in the apple personally but it sure seems to be interested in her.

Will she be able to find Casey’s dad in time? And will the apple help or hinder her on her quest? Usually, I’d say time will tell, but Casey’s dad is in real danger and there’s no time for Felicia to wait. She just has to keep moving forward and land on her feet like any good cat.

Cameos galore in Black Cat: Discord

One of the fun aspects of the Marvel novels is the potential for superhero crossovers. It’s much easier to do in a book than in a movie. But Lauria really pulled out all the stops in Black Cat: Discord. I quickly lost count of the number of superheroes (and villains) that popped up. Some came in for just a few seconds, barely a name drop. Others had their own little mini-adventures with Black Cat before disappearing. Others came and went multiple times.

It was fun and really helped to make the Marvel world feel real. I mean, if all these heroes were running around New York City of course they would run into each other. Especially when something as dangerous as that golden apple is around. 

I loved how Black Cat interacted with them. As a thief who occasionally moonlights as a hero (sorta) she has interesting relationships with both heroes and villains. And she makes the most of these different connections to reach her goals. The intelligent way she plays against the different personalities of the superheroes and villains, so that she gets what she wants but still keeps the relationships intact, is amazing to watch. Felicia Hardy has been in a few of these Marvel novels and she’s quickly becoming my favorite Marvel character.

A fun romp with Black Cat all over New York

Black Cat is a hilarious anti-hero who knows how to have a good time. Her intelligence comes through in the way she plans everything down to a tee and always has every contingency covered. Her humor is great too. She’s always looking for a good time. If she’s not enjoying what she’s doing, it’s not worth her time.

Happily Black Cat: Discord is more than enjoyable. Felicia would definitely be willing to spend some time with this book and you should too. Watching her deal with a grumpy teenager was just the best! I loved this book and you will too.

My Rating: 9/10

Black Cat: Discord: A Marvel Heroines Novel by Cath Lauria is available now! Have you read the novel? Let us know on Twitter or in The Cosmic Circus Discord. And if you haven’t already, check out our review of Silver Sable: Payback!

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