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Cosmic Circle Ep. 14: James Gunn and the State of the DC Universe

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In this episode, Brian, Ayla, and Anthony discuss the state of the DC Universe from films to TV series now that James Gunn has taken charge.

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Episode 14: James Gunn and the State of the DC Universe

    • 00:18 – Intros
    • 00:56 – Under new management: James Gunn and DC
    • 04:00 – DC’s previous plans
    • 7:25 – The Arroverse
    • 8:41 – What Gunn brought to DC films
    • 10:10 – Where does the DC universe go from here?
    • 15:30 – Shazam: Fury of the Gods
    • 17:20 – What upcoming DC films have the most promise?
    • 26:00 – Where do these miscellaneous movies fit in the new DC?
    • 28:55 – What creative would want to work with WB after Batgirl?
    • 35:56 – Recasting Superman
    • 40:21 – Do we need individual films for the Justice League again? 
    • 42:36 – Superman For All Seasons
    • 44:23 – Superman and Lois
    • 47:31 – New villains, but not Lex
    • 49:40 – Recasting for a younger Superman
    • 53:40 – James Gunn and Twitter
    • 55:34 – General thoughts on DC
    • 59:37 – The Batman, Matt Reeves, and James Gunn
    • 1:11:00 – Outros

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Podcast credits and show notes


    • Ayla Ruby
    • Anthony Flagg
    • Brian Kitson

Executive Producer/Editor

    • Lizzie Hill

Recorded on 12/11/22.
Superhero theme by HumanoideVFX on Pixabay.

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