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Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the first entries in the MCU to take fans to the stars, bringing the cosmos into the spotlight. With humble beginnings as a rag-tag team of A-holes thrust together by fate and bad luck, the group grew into a family full of love and harassment. The Guardians have faced some tough moments together, but have always come out closer than ever though perhaps a bit battle-scarred. So with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 almost here, we couldn’t wait to discuss the team’s journey from Vol. 1 to their Holiday Special.

Host Brian Kitson, along with fellow writers Ayla Ruby and Anthony Flagg discuss some of their favorite memories from the previous Guardians of the Galaxy films as well as things they wish were a bit different from their journey through the MCU. See if listener’s question gets answered, such as which scenes or songs are their favorites, or who their favorite Guardian is from across the many entries. And stay tuned, as a follow-up podcast reviewing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will arrive alongside the release of the film in theaters in early May. Let us know your favorite Guardians moments on Twitter or in the Cosmic Circus discord!

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[Warning: Spoilers from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2, Holiday Special, & Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame, and Thor: Love & Thunder are within the podcast!]

Ep. 27: Guardians of the Galaxy Discussion


    • 00:20 – Intros
    • 01:00 – Who is your favorite Guardian?
    • 05:13 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 discussion. Is this the first true venture into the cosmic cinematic universe or does Thor count?
    • 10:44 – Likes and dislikes for Vol. 1
    • 16:11 – Was it the right call to bring Thanos into this film?
    • 18:34 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 discussion. Which relationships did you like the best? Which ones didn’t work so well?
    • 27:05 – Good or bad or things that suck with you from Vol. 2?
    • 27:47 – Avengers: Infinity War discussion. Were the characters consistent?
    • 34:13 – Moments from IW that stuck with or impacted you?
    • 36:44 – Avengers: Endgame discussion. Storylines for the Guardians in Endgame.
    • 42:04 – How will Gamora’s rejection of Peter and the team affect them in Vol. 3?
    • 44:04 – Thor: Love and Thunder discussion. Did it make sense to have the Guardians in this? Did you like it?
    • 46:34 – Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special discussion.
    • 50:02 – Pre-Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 discussion. General thoughts on what we’re looking forward to.
    • 53:22 – Listener question: Play Dies, Survives, or Leaves for the Guardians in Vol. 3.
    • 57:00 – Listener question: What are some other obscure characters that might join the team? Other groups that could become household names with the right people handling them?
    • 58:33 – Listener question: Will there be a new group of Guardians after this?
    • 01:00:10 – Listener question: What are your favorite songs from GOTG movies?
    • 01:05:14 – Listener question: What are some of your favorite Guardians quotes?
    • 01:08:17 – Outros

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Podcast credits and show notes

    • Anthony Flagg
    • Ayla Ruby
    • Brian Kitson
Executive Producer/Editor
    • Lizzie Hill

Recorded on 04/16/23

Superhero theme by HumanoideVFX on Pixabay.

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