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Two long years after Omni-Man’s betrayal, the season 2 premiere of Invincible, “A Lesson for Your Next Life,” is here to mess with our heads even more. Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, is still trying to pick up the pieces and come to terms with the reality of his horrific dad, and we’re all here for the doozy of a dimension-hopping ride.

The Cosmic Crew, including host Ayla Ruby (hey, that’s me!), John Dotson, Izzy Friedman, and Anthony Flagg delved into everything Invincible. In this spoiler-heavy discussion, we dissect that doozy of an opening sequence and our reactions after the long Invincible drought. We debate the ethics of Angstrom Levy (Sterling K. Brown) and explore Mark Grayson’s (Steven Yeun) complicated relationships with his mom, Debbie (Sandra Oh), and Atom Eve (Gillian Jacobs). We also go deep on grief, the show’s complex themes, and its subversion of the superhero trope, specifically the traditional Superman archetype. And, of course, we share some predictions for the next three episodes. We’re so excited to chat about it on this week’s podcast, so tune in to hear us unpack all the twists, turns, and gore.

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[Warning: Spoilers from Invincible are within the podcast! Listen at your own risk, but we think you’re strong enough than the temptation to turn back now.]

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Timestamps: Invincible season 2 discussion (Spoilers)

00:20 – Intros

01:00 – How did you get into Invincible?

05:10 – What do you think about Invincible season 2 coming out at the same time as shows like Gen V and Loki?

08:00 – Thoughts on the season 2 opening and “fake outs”

17: 20 – Mark in the season opener

23:30 – Mark’s relationship with his Mom Debbie

32:10 – Omni-Man and the Immortal

35:35 – Angstrom Levy and thought on alternate realities

40:45 – The Maulers

43:45 – Atom Eve and the importance of her special earlier this year.

46:10 – Predictions for the rest of the season. Will Omni-Man return?

48:45 – Most shocking episode in Invincible season 2 part 1?

52:45 – Waiting on the rest of season 2 and news on the status of production for Invincible season 3. 

55:40 – Outros

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Podcast credits and show notes

  • Ayla Ruby
  • Izzy Friedman
  • John Dotson
  • Anthony Flagg
Executive Producer/Editor
  • Lizzie Hill

Recorded on 11/03/23

Superhero theme by HumanoideVFX on Pixabay.

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