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Part two of Alex Perez’s answers to the June Discord Q&A are below, with part one posted here! Alex had a lot of fun talking about the future of Marvel Studios productions here. We hope you find his answers interesting!

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Kang’s future in Marvel Studios’ Multiverse Saga

JoeMarvel: What’s the word on Avengers 5? Are they going to keep Kang or change him with another big bad?

Alex: I have heard they want to focus on other multiversal villains before dealing with Kang again.

Hifive326:  Is there going to be multiple actors playing the new Kang/his variants?

Alex: It’s possible, but I’ve heard nothing of the sort.

Cymbioid: Is Kang still going to be the main villain of the overall multiverse saga (Avengers 5 or Secret Wars) or did Marvel shift plans to a different villain such as Doctor Doom?

Alex: I really don’t think Doom will be the main villain in this Saga, given the little time we have to build him up. It would be a disservice to us, to the character, and quite frankly a waste. Doom deserves better than 1 movie to set him up in a post-credit scene and then big bad for 2 movies and then be done with him. Plus, I’ve heard they’re treating Doom similar to how they’ve handled Loki in the Infinity Saga.

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Marvel Animated and The Spider-Verse

Wade: Are there any plans for other 90s Marvel animated shows to get the X-men ’97 treatment (other than Spider-man)? Any idea when we will get an official Beyond the Spider-verse update from Sony (like release date)

Alex: There are always ideas cooking at Marvel Studios and Marvel Animation, but it all depends on whether or not Marvel approves the idea. Right now, all I expect them to do is explore the 90s timeline via the X-Men show so as not to oversaturate audiences, and leave them wanting more.

As for the Beyond the Spider-Verse question: When it’s ready.

Titan: When should we expect What If…? season 3? Are there plans for What If…? seasons beyond season 3 at the moment?

Alex: I believe we’ll get What If…? season 3 very soon. And I believe there may be one more season planned, but I’m not 100% sure yet.

Midnight Sons/Suns

Kosta: How many members and who exactly do you expect to be a member of the Midnight Suns team?

Alex: I’ve heard Wong, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Blade, Werewolf by Night, & Man-Thing as the most repeated names by sources as part of the team roster. Other names I’ve heard, from most to least likely, include Black Knight, Scarlet Scarab, Elsa Bloodstone, Dr. Strange, and even Agatha Harkness. But if I had to guess how many members I’d expect for this team lineup, I’d say between 6-9 members.

Xekshek: Thanks for doing this, Alex! Who would you like to see direct Midnight Sons? Since it’s been rumored for a bit now and there’s been some names thrown out there.

Alex: My personal picks would feature a director who has an understanding of both action and fear. My picks would be Fede Álvarez, Dan Trachtenberg, James Wan and Sam Raimi. Also heard Jordan Peele was having conversations with Marvel Studios, which is interesting, so he might be a good pick.

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Marvel reboots

Randy: With the re-emergence of Cloak and Dagger in the comics as of late as street level characters, any chance they may be reintroduced/brought back or officially introduced into the MCU in one of the street level series?

Alex: I have heard nothing on Cloak and Dagger appearing in the MCU as of yet.

RedGyarados2010: Are there any plans to bring the Runaways into the MCU, either the Marvel TV versions or rebooted?

Alex: I have heard nothing on the Runaways appearing in the MCU as of yet.

Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness

Playan: How would you expect the character of Agatha to be handled moving forward? As we’re craving for Wanda content, I find it hard to expect a long-term role for her without such content.

Alex: Given her role, Agatha might hopefully surprise people in this show. Having Agatha be the conduit that allows us to explore a more unknown side of the MCU with witches and another form of magic is something I think fans can be excited to see in the upcoming show and other projects moving forward. 

Bird Sister: What is the current development stage, if any, for a solo Scarlet Witch movie?

Alex: It’s still very early in the conceptual stage, since they’re trying to figure out the story.

ReyD: Which one will happen sooner : Thor 5 / Young Avengers or Scarlet Witch solo movie ?

Alex: Out of the bunch, Young Avengers.

RedGyarados2010: Are Wanda and Magneto (still) going to appear in Deadpool and Wolverine, as you’ve hinted in the past? With some of the rumors of stuff getting cut, I’m not certain

Alex: This will be the only clarification I will make about this. No, they are not in the movie, as far as I know. What I knew very early on were ideas that were being heavily discussed and concepts that they were interested in exploring. Unfortunately, most of these concepts don’t pan out, and you’ll have to wait for the movie to see what I’m referring to.

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Shang-Chi 2

Lukeb4577: Is there a chance we get a version of Iron Fist in Shang-Chi 2?

Alex: Anything is possible, I suppose. But from the very few ideas I’ve heard about Shang-Chi 2, Iron Fist was not involved in them.

Spider-Man 4

JoeMarvel: When can we expect an official announcement regarding Holland’s Spider-Man 4?

Alex: This year.

superiorspidey98: do the multiversal elements in Spider-Man 4 go beyond the symbiote? Will we see full-on multiversal characters? Any truth to the Black Cat rumors for Spider-Man 4?

Alex: No, to the first question. To the second one, I don’t really expect Black Cat for this upcoming film, but I have heard of the potential for the next few films in the trilogy.

arn0_20: How much would you say does Daredevil: Born Again’s potential aftermaths regarding Kingpin affect the lives of vigilantes like Spider-Man? Which foe could our friendly-neighbourhood web-slinger find a bit of a challenge moving forward?

Alex: On the first question: Oh, it will affect them very heavily. Spider-Man most of all.

On the second question: In this next movie? Peter Parker’s past. But villain-wise, I know they are looking to introduce more villains who haven’t been done in movies before, reutilizing the old ones. There is one interesting thing I did want to clarify from an older tweet about Doc Ock and Green Goblin

I know many people are curious as to how exactly they will do Doc Ock and Green Goblin again when the time comes. I’d just like to let everyone know, the whole world was watching the final fight during No Way Home. And it may or may not have inspired a couple of people in the MCU.


azuredreamer: Since Thunderbolts* is introducing Sentry to the MCU along with the inclusion of Adamantium as a substance crucial to the plot, do you know if there will be any hints or references to the Weapon Plus program?? (which Sentry is a part of as well in the comics)

Alex: I can’t comment on that because it is a little bit beyond the scope of where the World War Race Storyline ends. But I expect it to be introduced after that.

Liam | Kate Bishop Fan: Will any of the Thunderbolts appear in Avengers 5?

Alex: No comment.

Xekshek: Do you think there is a chance that we get more Yelena projects (preferably solo) after T-Bolts? Feels like with Pugh’s star power + the mistakes by Ike in the past in not getting a Black Widow movie way sooner, it’d be a great opportunity to fix that and make a lower budget, standaloneish  Spy/Action movie.

Alex: I can say with certainty that Florence Pugh will appear in more Marvel projects in the future. As to whether or not they’re standalone, we’ll have to wait and see.

Exclusive: Val’s Organization OXE to Have a Role in Thunderbolts*

Marvel Studios Thunderbolts LMD O.X.E. Banner


Hifive326: Will the new X-Men movie be pre or post Secret Wars?

Alex: Too early to tell, but from what I understand, the MCU iteration of the X-Men will be introduced post-Secret Wars. And there’s a reason for that, which will be explained in Deadpool and Wolverine.

Ecko: Do you have an idea of the first live-action MCU X-Men team composition?

Alex: No.

joshua: Beyond the X-Men reboot film, have you heard anything about which mutants are the likeliest to get their own projects?

Alex: Too early to tell.

Playan: I know the X-Men film has a writer now. Should we expect something MCU X-men related before the end of this saga? Or they’re just starting early for the next saga. (was assuming the latter)

Alex: Starting early for the MCU’s take on the X-Men… but that doesn’t mean the X-Men won’t show up until after Secret Wars.

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Young Avengers

Mont (Young Avengers Historian): It is now Pride month so: when do you think we see Wiccan and Hulkling together? They are arguably Marvel’s most iconic queer superhero couple, so I’m very excited.

Do you know of any creatives they’re interested in for Young Avengers type stuff / any chance they tap Allan Heinberg for that?

Alex: In answer to the first question: Still a long way to go. Billy isn’t even the Wiccan yet. But be patient. I expect them to meet in the upcoming Young Avengers movie. As for the second question, no word on that yet.

Liam | Kate Bishop Fan: Is the Children’s Crusade project/storyline still happening, is there any updates on that you can share?

Alex: I can’t comment on the YA project yet.

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Miscellaneous questions for Alex

Ecko: Have you heard anything about an upcoming Star Wars project?

Alex: I have heard some tidbits about ideas for Ahsoka season 2, and I’m excited to see where that story continues next.

RobbyB3ll4s: Alex, do you have a favorite character in Smash Bros if you’ve ever played it? What are your favorite sitcom if you watch / watched TV much?

Alex: My favorite Smash character is Lucario. I’ve got a semi-good attack and terrible defense, but I am a master at the counter. My favorite sitcoms are I Love Lucy and Golden Girls. I watched both of those shows with my mom, and they have a special place in my heart.

Peacemaker: Hello, Alexander. I see you came back. Hope you’re doing rather well, than not. Is Doctor Who considered to be having a crossover with Marvel properties anytime soon?

Is Hyperion coming along with his Squadron in MCU or in What If..?, at least?

Alex: For question 1: No. But it would be wicked, wouldn’t it?

I have no word on Hyperion or the Squadron Supreme showing up anytime soon.

616captainmarvel: Hello, Alex! Marvel Studios has plans for a solo movie of the Asian female protagonist in the MCU? Does Marvel Studios still have plans for an all-female movie in the MCU?

Alex: No word on either question.

Randy: Hey Alex, will we see any Inhumans make an appearance in any upcoming projects?

Alex: No word on that.

That’s it for now! You can read some of Alex Perez’s past articles and reports here and then discuss with others in the Discord. Go here for part one of the June 2024 Marvel Studios Q&A with Alex Perez.

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