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With today’s exclusive from Deadline confirming that Anthony Mackie has indeed crossed all the t’s and dotted the i’s on his contract and will return to star in Captain America 4, I decided to check again with a couple of my sources on the status of the production. I had heard previously it might even film late this year, but it appears to have been moved back a bit, for what reason I am not sure. Possibly it was about working out Mackie’s contract, or possibly about working out any bugs in the script, or otherwise possibly just making room in the schedule to film yet another MCU film in the era of a pandemic. Either way, I’m happy to see the gears turning and a return of Sam Wilson’s Captain America.

In any case, I can exclusively report through multiple reliable sources, that current plans are to have Captain America 4 begin prep in May 2022 and start filming in June 2022 in Georgia. Plans can of course change, especially this early out, but this comes from reliable sources, so I am confident enough to report on it here today. 

Brandon Davis, of, posted this afternoon after the report about Mackie’s contract, the speculation of Captain America 4 “likely” filming over the summer. I’m not sure if he is being coy about what he knows here or purely guessing. But I’m just making note of the tweet, in case anyone thinks I missed it. My information comes from more than one source completely separate from his tweet and is information I was hearing before today.

Nothing yet on when Captain America 4 will hit theaters but stay tuned for more information here!

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