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Exclusive: Details on ‘Loki’ Season 2 and Victor Timely

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After a little over a 2-year wait, the second season of Loki will finally premiere this coming October 2023 on Disney+. According to a recently released synopsis, Loki Season 2 picks up in the aftermath of the shocking season finale when Loki finds himself in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority. Along with Mobius, Hunter B-15, and a team of new and returning characters, Loki navigates an ever-expanding and increasingly dangerous multiverse in search of Sylvie, Judge Renslayer, Miss Minutes, and the truth of what it means to possess free will and glorious purpose.”

Along that journey, Loki and Mobius will encounter a variant of He Who Remains, Victor Timely, as teased in the post-credit scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Jonathan Majors will portray this variantHowever, one of the more significant questions that most fans ask themselves is when and where Victor Timely is located in the MCU timeline after that post-credit tease. Buckle in, fans, because we have a neat exclusive for you, breaking down when and where in the timeline Victor Timely is.

[Warning: Spoilers for Loki season 2 ahead]

Where in the world is Victor Timely?

The Cosmic Circus can exclusively confirm that a part of the upcoming season of Loki will take place in the World’s Columbian Exposition, set in 1893, in Chicago, Illinois. At this exposition, Loki and Mobius will come face to face with Victor Timely. We have also learned that a “sizeable” action sequence involving Loki, Mobius, Victor Timely, and Miss Minutes will occur here.

The World Columbian Exhibition, Chicago 1893.
The World Columbian Exhibition, Chicago 1893.

What is the World’s Columbian Exposition?

The World’s Columbian Exposition was a real-life event held in 1893. It was a significant international fair held in Chicago, United States, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. The fair showcased the technological progress and achievements of the United States and the world back then. One of these attractions is the original Ferris Wheel, which is an iconic backdrop throughout many scenes.

We can confirm that during the show’s events, Victor Timely will be present at this event to showcase one of his inventions at the “Victor Timely and his Astounding Emporium Marvels.” What is significant about this location is that the site could serve as a spot for many potential Easter Eggs and name drops for older characters like a young Phineas Horton, who we already know exists in the MCU per an Easter egg in Captain America: The First Avenger, or maybe an older relative of a particular genius, billionaire, playboy, & philanthropist.

The World’s Columbian Exposition is just one of the few stops Loki will make this season. We can confirm that the season will occur across multiple branched timelines, with some of these timelines taking us somewhere familiar and others diverging into entirely brand-new times and places. Each timeline focuses on a new story to tell. You’ll have to tune into Disney+ to find out more about how it ends.

Loki season 2 is expected this October on Disney+. Are you excited for its return? Let us know on Twitter or in The Cosmic Circus Discord.

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