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Exclusive: Jeffrey Wright Will Return as The Watcher This Year

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In 2021, Marvel Studios premiered a brand new series on Disney+ titled “What If…?”. The show flips the script on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and brings to life reimagined famous events from the films in new and unexpected ways. Creating a multiverse of infinite possibilities, the show is led by the narration of Uatu The Watcher. Voiced by Jeffrey Wright, Uatu the Watcher guides the viewers through the confines of an ever-expanding Multiverse. 

Since then, fans have been curious about seeing the Watcher in other MCU projects outside the animated series. When asked about his potential appearance in live-action Wright played coy about the possibility. Fans expect his next appearance to be in the second season of “What If…?”, coming at some point next year. However, from what we’ve been told they won’t have to wait until then to see the return of The Watcher to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[Editor’s Note: This news item has been updated here on 7/16 with the reveal of where you can expect to see The Watcher next!]

what if watcher
Uatu the Watcher in What if…? (Disney+/Marvel)

Jeffrey Wright to return as The Watcher in a Marvel project this year

We here are The Cosmic Circus are pleased to report that Jeffrey Wright will return as The Watcher in a Marvel Studios project releasing later this year. This would mark the first appearance of The Watcher in a Marvel Studios project outside of the confines of “What If…?” 

Uatu the Watcher is a character responsible for observing and recording events across the Multiverse, mainly focusing on Earth’s history. Although often bound by an oath of non-interference, Uatu occasionally finds himself compelled to intervene in circumstances that could become disastrous to the balance of the Multiverse. 

A similar event occurred when a being known as Infinity Ultron decimated his universe and became aware of the Watcher’s presence and, thus, the Multiverse itself. This, in turn, forced the Watcher to assemble a group of heroes from across the Multiverse to take down this threat, known as the Guardians of the Multiverse.

what if season 1
Marvel Studios’ What If…? (Disney+/Marvel)

With The Watcher returning so soon prior to the second season of What If…?, it opens up dozens of possible questions. The main question perhaps on everyone’s mind is what catastrophic event could force the Watcher to break his vow and make his presence known once more.

There are a number of Marvel Studios projects slated to release later this year with the potential for the Watcher to appear, but we’ll let you all speculate for a while which one that will actually be. The events of Secret Invasion are currently unfolding before our very eyes on Disney+. There are also multiple premieres approaching, with the premiere of Echo and the second season of Loki on Disney+. The Marvels is also hitting theaters this coming November. Or perhaps there’s another project on the way this year that hasn’t been announced on the schedule yet?

What The Watcher’s next story entails is something we’ll learn later when Jeffrey Wright returns as Uatu the Watcher this year. Are you excited for his return? Let us know on Twitter or Threads @MyCosmicCircus or in The Cosmic Circus Discord!

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