Exclusive: When ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 Will Release, Vin Diesel Returns, and The Watcher News

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In 2019, Marvel Studios unveiled their Phase 4 slate for the first time to a packed Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. Along with announcing multiple films and shows for Disney+, one of the projects they revealed was the premiere of the animated series; “What If…?”. That show would become the pilot project for what would eventually become a subdivision of Marvel Studios known as Marvel Studios Animation. This division would develop several other animated projects set in the MCU, as announced at their panel last year in SDCC . This included productions such as I Am Groot, X-Men’97, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and Marvel Zombies. Although most of these shows are slated to premiere at some point next year, most have a second season already in development. One such project is I Am Groot. And we can now share when fans can expect the next series of adventures starring everyone’s favorite little tree, Baby Groot in I Am Groot season 2!

I Am Groot Review
Still of Groot (Vin Diesel) from I Am Groot. (Marvel/Disney)

Exclusive: I Am Groot season 2 premiere date and Vin Diesel’s return

The Cosmic Circus have heard from our trusted sources that the second season of I Am Groot will release in the Fall this year. Our sources stated that I Am Groot season 2 is expected to premiere in early September. This would place the release of season 2 as the next MCU project following Secret Invasion, which is currently airing on Disney+. It would also release prior to the highly anticipated second season of Loki in October and Echo in November.

The first season of I Am Groot premiered last year on August 10th on Disney+. The season consisted of five original shorts starring Vin Diesel as Baby Groot in some adorable new misadventures. The Cosmic Circus can also confirm via our sources that Vin Diesel will return to voice the titular character again for the second series of shorts. But he’s not alone.

The Watcher in What if...?
Jeffrey Wright as Uatu the Watcher in Marvel Studios’ What If…? (Disney+)

Exclusive: Jeffrey Wright to return as The Watcher in I Am Groot season 2

The Cosmic Circus can also confirm that Jeffrey Wright will reprise his role as The Watcher in one of the shorts in I am Groot’s second season. This information elaborates on our previous exclusive, detailing that Wright was set to return to a Marvel project later this year.

We cannot wait to see what other misadventures Groot has in store for us when the second season airs this coming September 2023. Are you excited as well? Let us know on social media or in our Discord!

Exclusive: Jeffrey Wright Will Return as The Watcher This Year

The Watcher Retunrns to Marvel

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