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Exclusive: Possible Flerkens Sighted at ‘The Marvels’ Film Set in NYC

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Earlier today I shared some news about The Marvels filming something in NYC. No news had come yet that the film’s stars were there, but it had been revealed that the production had been shooting at or near the Statue of Liberty. Typically if they are just filming some plate shots for VFX, you wouldn’t expect the stars to be there. However, shortly after I posted that report, I received a few images and some details of what was going on there. I was pleasantly surprised to see there were in fact some very small and furry stars at The Marvels film set in NYC (or at the very least likely some relatives of Captain Marvel’s pet Goose the Flerken).

Have Flerkens invaded NYC?!

The images below and details come from an anonymous source who was in the area of Battery Park in NYC (not very far across the water from Lady Liberty) where they were filming. Without further ado, let’s have a peek at what The Marvels have been up to in NYC!

Marvels filming flerkins
The Cosmic Circus exclusive image.

As you can see above and below, a crew member is doing something with a ball used for VFX purposes, near what appears to be at least one adult-sized “cat” and possibly a couple of kittens. It’s difficult to make out the markings on the “cat” but it doesn’t quite appear to be Captain Marvel’s Goose. 

But considering this film is the sequel to Captain Marvel, it seems very likely that the fan-favorite Flerken would make an appearance again. Could this cat/Flerken or the kittens be Goose’s offspring? I’m not sure why else an ordinary “cat” and her “kittens” would be playing around in the park in the middle of this movie! With crewman brandishing a big silver special effects ball around them, no less!

Marvels filming flerkins
The Cosmic Circus exclusive image.

To be clear, these are not real cats on set, the anonymous observer (I’ll just call him “The Watcher,” it seems apropos) didn’t see any real cats there. They appear to be animatronic or stuffed cats which will be replaced by real ones with VFX later. 

An unidentified flying object at The Marvels film set

In addition, there were some interesting details given to me by this Watcher about what they were doing there along with filming animatronic/stuffed Flerken/cats. As you can see below there were some very large fans (at least 3) that were put on near the same area where they filmed the Flerken/cats.

Marvels filming large fans
The Cosmic Circus exclusive image.

When they went on, it was very loud and the fans just seemed to send their wind into the sky. It appears this may have been simulating a flying craft coming into the area. There was also a bench marked off (as seen below). This is probably how the shot or the craft itself was meant to track into the park area where the Flerken/cats were.

Marvels filming bench marker
The Cosmic Circus exclusive image.

The Watcher mused that there appeared some kind of hovercraft or spaceship would land in that area as well. You can see in the images below flags where the crew had marked off. Our guess is this is where a ship would probably land and be put in by VFX later. Just before he left, he also noticed that they seemed to be setting a tracking shot around the entire area.

Marvels filming crew
The Cosmic Circus exclusive image.

Ape and Cat (At The Dance)

Lastly but still pretty interesting, The Watcher mentioned that they seemed to spend some time filming by this statue (pictured below) in the park. It is unclear if that was only meant as another marker, or the statue has more significance in the film. But we thought it was a fun extra to share nonetheless.

Marvels filming statue
The Cosmic Circus exclusive image.

The work is called Ape and Cat (At the Dance) and is by artist Jim Dine .

Final thoughts

It seems like these creatures are almost certainly more Flerkens like Goose, possibly landing or getting picked up in a flying craft of some kind. No sign of the human stars on The Marvels film set in NYC so far, unfortunately, but this was a fun one to get to share with you all.

Before I finish up, I also found @MoonValkyrie on Twitter caught a few more images of the set (but not the Flerkens), which you can check out below!


So the plot thickens! What do you think is going on with this Marvels film set scene? Are you excited for more Flerkens?! Let us know what you think about it on Twitter @mycosmiccircus.

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