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Report: ‘The Marvels’ In NYC and ‘Blade’ in GA Filming Planned

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Marvel Studios certainly have a lot of projects in various stages of production both in and outside of the United States. One popular location for filming is in and around Atlanta, Georgia where currently Marvel Disney+ series Echo, and Ironheart are filming and many more are lined up to follow them. Today, local paparazzi Atlanta Filming reported news and some details about The Marvels filming, as well Blade and Echo, on his Instagram via this post.

Captain marvel brie larson
Brie Larson appearing as Captain Marvel in Ms. Marvel (Disney+/Marvel)

In his video post , Atlanta Filming states,

“Hey guys, MCU update. The Marvels filmed a bunch of plate shots of The Statue of Liberty, which I don’t have any idea why they did that. Echo is just in Griffin (GA) , that’s why I’m not posting locations because it’s basically just filming in Griffin, pretty much all the time. And it looks like Blade is going to film the 1920s New Orleans flashbacks in Atlanta, which is pretty cool, so there’ll be some locations that you guys can see.”

What I heard about The Marvels filming in NYC

I had also heard several weeks ago that The Marvels would be filming plate shots in NYC around this time. It appears that the film will revisit the Statue of Liberty, tho what state that Lady Liberty is in, after the multiversal battle in Spider-Man: No Way Home, has yet to be seen. 

Statue of Liberty Spider-Man
Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony/Marvel)

The Echo news is not surprising as it seems they are using Griffin as a location quite a bit for the series, as well as Grantville and Social Circle.

Reported location and a Blade flashback

As for Blade, as I reported in June, I’m not expecting that one to start filming until October, but it’s good to hear that locations for the long-awaited Mahershala Ali-led film are already being scouted and planned. So hopefully there will be no more delays for the production and they will finally get the stars in front of cameras.

Atlanta Filming also reports that he believes Georgia will be used for a 1920’s flashback and that it’s to be set in New Orleans. In the comics, Blade was born in London, but it has been speculated and rumored for some time now that this might be changed to New Orleans.

Young Blade Old Blade Comics
Young Blade and Modern Blade in Mighty Avengers #11 & 14 (2014) (Marvel Comics)

There have also been rumors/speculation for a while now that there would be a backstory for Blade set in the 1920s (in the comics he was born in 1929). I believe both details to be accurate based on other things I’ve heard as well. However, we’ll know more when they actually start filming. 

What do you think? What are The Marvels doing at the Statue of Liberty? And what do you think about Blade’s backstory possibly being changed from London to New Orleans? Let us know on Twitter or social media!

For more of our coverage of The Marvels, Echo, and Blade be sure to visit the tags.

We first speculated back in February that a version of Blade’s comics backstory, with a similar timeline, may be featured heavily in the film, along with the possibility of Aaron Pierre playing a young Blade. Check out Vin’s theories here!

aaron pierre in blade

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