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‘Extraction 2’ Review: Chris Hemsworth’s Latest Top-Notch Action Film

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Chris Hemsworth is easily one of the most identifiable actors of our generation. Perhaps the most well-known for playing Thor the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hemsworth has showcased a range of his acting ability in various roles. From action to comedy, there seems no role he can’t play, and Hemsworth proves this once again in Extraction 2

The world of Extraction was brought to life in 2020 by Netflix, sending the black-market mercenary Tyler Rake on his most dangerous mission to date. With the way the first film ended, it was hard to imagine where Extraction 2 could go. Returning to direct is Sam Hargrave, who served as stunt coordinator on Atomic Blonde, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, with a screenplay from Joe Russo. So what makes Extraction 2 one of my favorite action films of all time? Oh man, there’s so much…

[Warning: light spoilers and impressions from Extraction 2 are below!]

Loose threads and Extraction 2’s story

The ending of the first film in this expanding franchise ended slightly ambiguous, specifically in the fate of Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake. Tyler manages to save Ovi Mahajan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), completing his impossible mission. However, in doing so, he is left badly wounded, with a shot to his neck before a long plummet into a river. In the closing moments of Extraction, Ovi breaks the surface of a swimming pool, to see a blurred individual standing at the side. It’s believed that the individual is Tyler, however, it’s ambiguous by design, leaving viewers to wonder.

Extraction 2 takes the threads of Tyler’s fate, filling in the gaps early in the film. We learn what transpired after his dive into the river, an event that should have at least changed Tyler’s life, if not killed him. The first part of the film is dedicated to the aftermath of the first film, however, Extraction 2 doesn’t waste too much time before throwing Tyler and the audience into his next mission.

Extraction 2
Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2. (Netflix).

His goal is to save Ketevan Radiani (Tinatin Dalakishvili) and her children Sandro (Andro Japaridze) and Nina (Marta & Mariami Kovziashvili). However, this isn’t any normal task, as the family is located inside a prison, although not because they are criminals. Instead, they are stuck in prison with her husband Davit (Tornike Bziava), a Georgian Mobster whose family has a ton of pull with the local government. Tyler doesn’t hesitate with getting involved, even if it means putting his life or the lives of his team in danger.

Action-packed sequences that go above and beyond

With Extraction 2 being an action film, it shouldn’t be surprising that there is a ton of action sequences from beginning to end. That being said, this film used some interesting and exciting techniques to elevate the action from basic to extraordinary. One sequence that sticks out so clearly in my head is the one inside the Georgian prison. The entire fight scene felt like a single take, with some smart camera tricks. The scene glided smoothly around people and props, providing some flawless fighting scenes. I was awestruck for practically the entire sequence because it felt something on par with the stairwell/hallway fight from Daredevil the series. 

This isn’t even the only scene that puts the action front and center, with fresh techniques and takes that make these scenes exciting instead of the same old status quo from so many other action films. As a viewer, you can easily tell that a stunt coordinator is directing these films because the art placed into each scene and the utilization of specific techniques placed the action above the story.

Other pros for Netflix’s Extraction 2

Extraction 2 also has such a different feel from the first film, which has a lot to do with the settings in which the two films take place. Extraction one had more of a grimy, seedy underbelly of a country that appeared in turmoil. The color palette is various browns and reds, with little variation beyond the desert feel.

However, Extraction 2 journeys to many settings, providing an urban oasis, old castles, and even snowy landscapes. Each and every setting has a different vibe that it brings to the film, with Hargrave using each one to his advantage.

Extraction 2-Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake. Extraction 2 (Netflix).

Chris Hemsworth should be praised for his performance in Extraction 2, delivering a strong performance both in action and heart. There’s a deeper dive into Tyler’s history, elements that were hinted at in the first film but never fleshed out. However, Extraction 2 takes the time to allow viewers a chance to truly understand who Tyler is and why he’s so broken when we first meet him. Hemsworth does a phenomenal job in this role and all I want is to see more of Tyler.

Golshifteh Farahani also deserves all the recognition for her return as Nik Khan, the operator of the mercenary team. What I loved more than anything about her character is the level of humanity exhibited by her in this film. Not that she didn’t have those moments in the first film, but Extraction 2 gives the heroes from the first film a bigger chance to grow and breathe in the sequel.

You come to understand a gentler side to Nik, who cares about everyone on her team, even to the detriment of herself. The bond between not onto her and her sibling Yaz (Adam Bessa), but Tyler as well shows just how much this haphazard family means to one another.

The cons of Extraction 2

It’s clear that the action is the main draw of this film, which the film does wonderfully. However, because of this, the story itself is weak in some spots for the sake of propelling the action. There are some moments in the middle that felt muddled, with some characters’ choices raising an eyebrow. Mostly Sandro, however, if you remind yourself that he’s a teenage boy, you can almost forgive him and the writing.

Extraction 2 also feels like a long movie, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But I do think the film could have benefitted by being a bit shorter, creating a tighter story. That being said, Extraction 2 is still a fun film, with action that is thrilling and a story that is generally strong despite some weak spots.

None of the “cons” felt so gigantic that I couldn’t enjoy the film, in fact, even writing them down felt wrong. The weak moments are small and never detract from the epicness that is Extraction 2. This film left me wanting more and I can’t wait to watch the film over, because I haven’t seen action like that in a movie in quite some time. If you enjoyed the first film, you’ll definitely want to check this out when it arrives on Netflix.

My rating for this film:

★★★★/ ♥♥♥♥♥

Extraction 2 arrives on Netflix this Friday. Will you be watching it? Let us know on Twitter or in the Cosmic Circus Discord.

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