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GOTG 3: ‘High Evolutionary’ Name Hidden in Second Alphabet

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With the influx of photos from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s Counter-Earth set thanks to Atlanta Filming , a number of strange characters have surfaced online. We broke down many of them in our previous decoding articles, even confirming the name “Counter-Earth” on the side of a police car. However, there were many letters that were still unknown to us at the time. In this new update, we’re pleased to report not only that we’ve decoded nearly an entire second alphabet, but also the FIRST name drop of the High Evolutionary!

Down with the High Evolutionary

In some of the earlier images from the set, we noticed that a few English letters were represented with two different forms in the Counter-Earth language. At the time this puzzled us, but thanks to the latest batch of images, we have been able to conclude that there are two different alphabets being used on Counter-Earth.

The second case might be the “lowercase” of the first, but we’re not certain yet. We have marked when both cases are used in the table below.

Most intriguingly, the second case was used on a lot of graffiti. On the side of one of the dumpsters, we decoded the message “DOWN WITH HIGH EVO”. In case there was still any skepticism about the High Evolutionary having a role in the movie, this is the first time the character’s name has been officially mentioned and connected to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Additionally, we have decoded a few more letters from the first alphabet from last week (K, V, and W). Take a look at the messages below and let us know what you think! Case 1 has been marked with capital letters and case 2 has been marked with lowercase. Can you figure out the significance of each case?

gotg Vol 1 language down with



(case 2, graffiti on dumpster)

gotg Vol 1 language



SUNDAY ……to……..
MONDAY ……to……..
TUESDAY ……to……..
WEDNESDAY ……to……..
THURSDAY ……to……..
FRIDAY ……to……..
SATURDAY ……to……..

(mixed cases, store hours)





gotg Vol 1 language brite creations 

(case 2, real-world store name)

gotg Vol 1 language Diplomat

(mixed cases, real-world car name)

gotg Vol 1 language baskin robbins ice cream

(case 2, real-world store name)

gotg Vol 1 language clean

(case 2, upside-down message applied on top of graffiti)

gotg Vol 1 language slow down

kids and pets

at play

(case 2)

gotg Vol 1 language to protect and to serve

(case 2, real-world phrase on the side of a police car)

gotg Vol 1 language all the


(case 2, on drink ad)

gotg Vol 1 language VODKA



(case 1, on vodka ad)

gotg Vol 1 language put litter in its place!

(case 2, on the rim of a trash can)

gotg Vol 1 language DODGE

(case 1, real-world car company)


You can find the full images on Atlanta Filming’s Instagram page, most of which are from the post below.


The High Evolutionary has been a popular GotG 3 theory for years, going back to a 2019 tweet from the mysterious Roger Wardell account. [potential spoilers in the tweet, read with caution]

Given this potential connection between Rocket Racoon and the High Evolutionary, it’s exciting to speculate on how the final film in the trilogy could bring his story to a close. 

What do you know about the High Evolutionary? Are you excited to see Peacemaker’s Chukwudi Iwuj in the role? Let us know in the comments, and follow us @MyCosmicCircus to stay updated as we learn more!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is expected to release in theaters next May.


Special thanks to Alex and Brian for contributing to this report.

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