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Report: New Marvel Production Company Confirmed

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Marvel Studios is understandably secretive about its upcoming projects. However, The Cosmic Circus can now confirm that another relatively new production company registered in California is indeed Marvel-related. 

The Cosmic Circus also recently cleared up some of the mystery with a few production companies. We exclusively reported that Standoffish Productions was the new Blade movie. We also exclusively reported that I am Groot, an animated series, used Log Jam Productions.

As for this relatively new company, New Hire Productions, LLC was registered earlier this year. According to our sources, New Hire is not only a Marvel production but it is also a live-action feature film. This is interesting because it shows that Marvel and Disney, despite the growth of Disney+, still believe in the power of movie theaters. After all, with the box office success of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness this past weekend, who can blame them?

In January, we reported that Marvel had registered two other mysterious production companies – Extremely Dangerous Productions, LLC and Prodigal Pie Productions, LLC. We still don’t know what they’re for, but that’s not unusual. Tho I had one theory on what Prodigal Pie Productions could be which I wrote about here.

But consider Nova. There were years of rumors, speculation, and wishful thinking before Marvel officially was going forward with a Nova series. Marvel has a long-term strategy and keeps that close to its chest. 

As with all Marvel Studios production companies, we won’t know what New Hire Productions is for until more time passes and evidence surfaces. For now, we can speculate. New Hire Productions sure sounds like we may be getting one or a few new superpowered people in the world.

Do you have any thoughts about what New Hire Productions could be for? What character or characters are being introduced? Please share them in the comments or with us on Twitter @MyCosmicCircus.

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