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Hey everyone! I’m so sorry that I missed last week. I suffered some severe technical difficulties (never trust mountain-top wifi!). But now I’m back and eager to share this week’s New Comic Spotlight, highlighting some of the best releases in new comics from June 28, 2023. So here we go!

[This week’s comics are provided by Warp Zone Comics and Collectibles. Warning my reviews of this week’s comics contain some spoilers, read at your own risk.]

DC Comics: The Vigil #2

Issue #1 of The Vigil introduced us to a mysterious group of Metahumans who seem to be targeting dangerous, illegal technology. This week we get some backstory on the leader, Arclight. In typical superhero fashion, he has a military background and lost his family in a devastating and probably government-caused catastrophe.

His survivor guilt and superpowers push him to be a vigilante protecting the world from those who would destroy it. But at what cost? We also get a glimpse of a bigger conspiracy behind the mundane targets Vigil is hitting. This new supergroup is brought to us by Ram V (writer) and Lalit Humar Sharma (artist). This seems like a group that will go to any lengths to achieve their goals, but just what their goals are is still a mystery.

DC Comics: Titans # 2

Written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Nicola Scott, the newest iteration of Teen Titans is just titled Titans. Issue #2 opens with the death of Wally West, the Titan’s Flash, sort of. It seems that the dead Wally is actually from the future. The Titans try to solve the mystery of his murder. Can they do it before their Wally is killed?

At the same time, a nemesis they thought had been defeated returns claiming to have seen the light. Can they be trusted? I can’t help but wonder if the two things are connected. Needless to say, these different revelations leave the Titans reeling and uncertain of what to do next.

DC Comics: Wonder Woman #800

Written by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Tom King, with art by Joelle Jones, Todd Nauck, Daniel Sampere, and others, this is the final issue of an incredible 800-issue run for Wonder Woman. Diana has been trapped in a world of other people’s dreams. Can she find her way out and become the Wonder Woman the world needs?

We follow Diana as she meets with various figures from her past (in their dreams of course) and they share what she taught them. Each is a piece of the whole that makes up Wonder Woman and it’s a reminder of why she is so important to so many different people.

The second half of Wonder Woman #800 (written by Tom King and drawn by Daniel Sampere) introduces Wonder Woman’s daughter Trinity. Together with the sons of Batman and Superman, Trinity sets off to rescue a mysterious prisoner from a magical dungeon. Trinity has a real attitude. Think entitled spoiled rich girl and that will give you the general idea of how she came across. I can’t say I was a huge fan of Trinity but maybe she’ll grow on me.

DC Comics: Superman #5

From writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jamal Campbell comes one of the best Superman comics in a while. Jimmy has managed to fall in love with the supervillain Silver Banshee which puts Superman in a really awkward position. Pharm and Graft have upgraded Silver Banshee. Now she doesn’t want to fight but she can’t control the screams that are tearing out of her and destroying Metropolis.

Can Jimmy and Superman save Banshee and the city? And wow! The ending is a twist that I truly didn’t see coming! I’m not sure what Williamson is planning next but the ending is going to do a real number on Superman. I foresee lots of angst, guilt, grief, and sorrow for the man of steel.

DC Comics: Batman White Knight Presents Generation Joker #2

This limited-run series follows the children of Joker and Harley Quinn as they retrace their parents’ love story. Along for the ride is a digital version of their dearly departed dad. While they’re out sightseeing they uncover the possibility of bringing their dad back for real. The kids are beyond excited at the prospect but is it really that great of an idea?

While the kids are running around with digital daddy, Harley Quinn learns what they’re up to. She sets off to find them and save them from themselves before it’s too late. But these are Joker’s kids. They can take care of themselves and they’re just a little bit crazy. The two kids have wildly different personalities with the daughter, Jackie, being more like her father, and the son, Bryce, being more straight-laced. The way the two play off each other is fun to watch. Especially when they begin to trade places.

Marvel Comics: The Amazing Spider-Man #28

Written by Zeb Wells and penciled by Ed McGuinness, the newest Amazing Spider-Man features a seriously upgraded Doc Ock. Thanks to an ingenious trojan horse Doc Ock is able to infiltrate Oscorp and things don’t look good for Spidey and Osborn. 

The Amazing Spider-Man #28
The Amazing Spider-Man #28 (Marvel Comics)

My favorite part of issue #28 is the way J. Jonah Jameson acts about the damaged mechanical arms. He acts like the arms are his childhood pet and it’s hilarious.

Marvel Comics: Carnage Reigns Omega #1

In the conclusion to Carnage Reigns, Carnage Reigns Omega sees Cletus Kasady achieve his goal and sets up the next Venom adventure. Carnage Reigns Omega is written by Cody Ziglar and drawn by Julius Ohta and Roge Antonio. This issue is basically one gigantic fight scene. Miles has gathered a group of supervillains to help him fight Carnage. Iron Man shows up to help too.

Carnage Reigns Omega
Carnage Reigns Omega #1 cover (Marvel comics)

But Carnage is so strong that it seems like they can’t possibly win. Will they have to break the superhero ethos and kill Carnage instead of just subduing him? I found the battle scenes (which are basically the whole comic) a little overwhelming and hard to follow. But I liked the ending. It’s the perfect horror movie ending and it made the horror bug in me smile.

Marvel Comics: She-Hulk #14

Brought to us by writer Rainbow Rowell and artist Andres Genolet, She-Hulk #14 sees She-Hulk come up against the Scoundrel in a very different kind of confrontation. Scoundrel is the newest villain in New York City. A thief by trade, he seems to have his eye on one very unique prize, She-Hulk herself. Scoundrel keeps trying to sweep Jen off her feet. Hopefully, she’s smarter than that. But hearts are weird things and they don’t always act rationally. Unless the right line in the sand gets crossed, then Jen might give Scoundrel the beating he deserves.

IDW Comics: Brynmore #1

Brynmore is a new horror comic from Steve Niles and Damien Worm over at IDW , the creators of The October Faction. It follows Mark Turner, newly divorced, who retreats to his hometown to lick his wounds. He decides to rebuild and live in an old church. But there are old secrets hidden on Turner Island tied to Mark’s ancestors. They weren’t exactly good people and the locals are not happy to have Mark back.

Interestingly enough, Brynmore doesn’t even make an appearance in the first issue. Not by name at least, but there is certainly a big surprise waiting for Mark as he begins renovations on the church. Brynmore #1 is a basic setup issue but it does contain promise for a good series and I’m very interested in seeing issue #2.

IDW Comics: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Lost Ronin Lost Years #4

In this spin-off of The Lost Ronin series, Michelangelo’s years between the death of his family and his return for revenge are explored. Written by one of the original creators of the turtles, Keven Eastman, along with Tom Waltz, this story details all the tragedy that transformed Michelangelo from the carefree party turtle to the anger-filled revenge turtle.

At the same time that we get Mikey’s backstory we also follow Casey Marie Jones, the daughter of April O’Neil and Casey Jones, as she tries to mentor a new generation of mutant ninja turtles. Oh man, I knew that the backstory to transform Mikey had to be brutal but the part revealed in Lost Years #4 is awful. Stuck in a brutal kill-or-be-killed situation, Mikey ends up with no choice but to kill his only friend. Still, he won’t do it, after all he’s lost, he can’t. The vicious ending is heartbreaking for both Mikey and the readers. I’m almost afraid to read the next issue.

And that’s some of the new comics releasing June 28, 2023

And that’s my spotlight for the new comics this week. Check out these and more at your local comic book store and check back at The Cosmic Circus next week for future New Comics Spotlights! If you want to pick up physical copies of any of these comic books, but you’re not sure where a shop is near you, try checking on

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