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Expectations for all of the upcoming DCU projects are reaching an all-time high after some recent announcements. Each project promises a unique blend of storytelling, character development, and visual masterpiece that will stun audiences worldwide. Join me as we dive into the exciting world of the DCU, from the grimy underbelly of Gotham City to the depths of the cosmos. This ranking features my most eagerly anticipated projects that will shape the future of DC storytelling.

#10 Paradise Lost

I have to say I’m not a big fan of modern adaptations of Wonder Woman stories. But the history of the Amazons is something that I always wanted to explore more. Instead of focusing the story of the most recognizable warrior goddess, a story that was told fairly recently, let’s explore the past.

The past of DC’s Amazons and the reason they were imprisoned on Themyscira is something fascinating to explore. In this series, the Amazons will take center stage, and we’ll be presented with a captivating exploration of their dynamics and the challenges they face.

Amazons in comics
Amazons in DC Comics (DC)

As the story unfolds, we’ll delve into the origin of the Amazons, discovering their remarkable and mythic backstory that intertwines with the fabric of DC’s universe. Combining it with the Old Gods’ story and their meaning in Amazonian history. It’ll be really interesting. (For our review of DC comics series Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons go here!)

#9 Creature Commandos

The Creature Commandos are a military unit composed of monstrous or supernatural beings created or modified through scientific experimentation during World War II. They were brought together as a secret special operations team to combat supernatural threats and aid in unconventional warfare.

It’ll be the first DCU project to come out in 2024, starting the new DC universe. Together, the Creature Commandos embark on missions that involve battling supernatural creatures, monsters, and other threats during the war. They bring their unique abilities and combat skills to the forefront, blending sci-fi, horror, and military action in their adventures.

Creature Commandos team (DC/Warner Bros.)

Creature Commandos is definitely an interesting project, and events will be important to the whole of Chapter 1 of the DCU. The official voice cast of this series consists of Russ Bain, Viola Davis, Sean Gunn, Alan Tudyk, David Harbour, Maira Bakalova, Frank Grillo, Indira Varma, Steve Agee & Zoe Chao. (For our review of DC Comics series Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown go here!)

#8 Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing, also known as Dr. Alec Holland, was originally a brilliant scientist working on a bio-restorative formula in a remote swamp laboratory. One fateful night, a sabotage attempt led to an explosion, causing Alec Holland to be covered in flames and chemicals. In a desperate attempt to save himself, he falls into the nearby swamp, where he’s transformed into a massive, moss-covered creature with incredible strength.

He also gained the ability to control plant life, and a connection to the Green, the elemental force that embodies all plant life on Earth. But what is most interesting is that Swamp Thing isn’t Alec per se. He has his memories and consciousness, but Alec died as a result of his injuries. Swamp Thing is a plant life that absorbed fragments of his body and mind.

Swamp Thing in comics
Swamp Thing in comics (DC)

As director James Mangold recently revealed , he wants to create a horror noir film. It’s a good idea to represent the paranoia, amnesia, and a way to show the tragic story of Swamp Thing. But in order to do so, the story must be full of emotional, tragic moments that will make viewers connect with this character.

#7 The Authority

The Authority is a superhero team originally created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch, first appearing in 1999. The team consists of a diverse group of individuals with extraordinary abilities who band together to protect the Earth from threats. Both human and superhuman no matter the cost. They operate outside the traditional boundaries of law and authority, using their powers and skills to maintain peace and order.

The core members of The Authority are Jenny Sparks, Apollo, The Doctor, Midnighter, The Engineer, Swift, Jack Hawksmoor, and many more. In a movie adaptation of The Authority, audiences could expect dynamic action sequences, visually stunning displays of superhuman powers, and a strong emphasis on the team’s camaraderie and interplay. The film could explore themes of power, responsibility, and the blurred lines between heroism and vigilantism.

The Authority team in comics
The Authority team in comics (DC)

Even though The Authority film will release in a few years, we’ll be able to see some members of the team in Superman: Legacy. It’s a good way to interest some casual fans to read the comics about The Authority and get on the hype train.

#6 Waller

Following the events of Peacemaker’s exhilarating first season, a significant event occurs. Amanda Waller, portrayed by the talented Viola Davis, finds herself in the spotlight, no longer able to conceal her actions within the shadows. The once formidable and secretive figure, responsible for the creation of Task Force X and the burial of government files, now faces the harsh reality of public scrutiny and accusations of breaking the law.

As the authorities aim to protect their own interests and maintain a façade of righteousness, they target Waller, desiring to transform her into a convenient scapegoat. The narrative will unfold as Waller will become entangled in a treacherous web of political machinations and power struggles.

Waller DC
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller (DC/Warner Bros.)

Because of the high-stakes battles and suspenseful encounters, the series will raise questions about the true nature of power and government accountability. It will challenge viewers’ perspectives on heroism and villainy, blurring the lines between right and wrong. I love political/spy dramas that get really serious and tense but they aren’t giving viewers boring stories while doing so.

#5 Booster Gold

Booster Gold’s real name is Michael Jon Carter. He is a charismatic and ambitious hero from the future. In his original backstory, he was a disgraced athlete from the 25th century who stole advanced technology. It was revealed to be a time-traveling device, which he used to travel back to the present day and become a superhero instead of being a loser. 

Booster gold
Booster Gold in DC Comics (DC)

Initially motivated by fame, fortune, and personal glory, Booster Gold learns the importance of true heroism and gradually becomes a beloved protector of the innocent. In a Booster Gold TV series, we could explore Booster’s adventures through different eras as he uses his knowledge of future events to prevent catastrophes and preserve the timeline.

This upcoming DCU show could incorporate elements of action, comedy, and time-travel shenanigans as Booster finds himself navigating various historical periods and interacting with iconic DC characters. The series could delve into Booster’s character development, highlighting his growth from a self-serving showman to a genuine hero. There’s also a potential to crossover him with characters like Ted Kord, Adam Strange, Rip Hunter, or even Martian Manhunter.

#4 Lanterns

The Green Lanterns are a group of intergalactic peacekeepers/police. The Green Lantern Corps is composed of numerous members from different alien races, each chosen for their exceptional willpower and courage. Some notable Green Lanterns include Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Jessica Cruz.

Green Lanterns in comics
Green Lanterns (DC)

This series could follow the adventures of a group of Green Lanterns as they protect the universe from various threats, including powerful cosmic entities, interstellar criminals, and the forces of evil. The series would offer a mix of cosmic exploration, and character-driven storytelling. The series is described as a show full of terrifying mysteries and detective work. It honestly sounds like True Detective, but in space, which sounds interesting to me. Visually, the series would showcase unique alien landscapes, cosmic battles, and the incredible constructs created by the Green Lanterns using their power rings.

The upcoming DCU series would also delve into the emotional and psychological aspects of wielding such immense power and the responsibilities that come with it. And that is why Lanterns is one of my most anticipated upcoming DCU projects. (For our review of DC comics series Green Lantern: Earth One go here!)

#3 Superman: Legacy

After recent casting news considering David Corenswet to play Clark Kent/Superman and Rachel Brosnahan to play Lois Lane, DC fans can’t wait to see this project. Superman is one of the most recognizable heroes, and every project about him is a real attention-getter. In this film, Gunn might explore the legacy and impact of Superman on Earth and the broader DC universe.

Superman and Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Tomorrow
Superman and Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Tomorrow. (DC)

The story could delve into the consequences of Superman’s actions, his influence on other heroes, and the responsibility that comes with being the world’s greatest superhero. This adaptation possibly will mostly draw from the animated film Man of Tomorrow and popular Superman comics. Visually, the movie could feature awe-inspiring action sequences, epic battles, and stunning displays of Superman’s superhuman abilities.

Gunn’s iconic style could make a film that has vibrant visuals and dynamic cinematography. It could also capture the humanity and heroism of Superman. And come on, it’s a Superman project. With current technology and a keen eye for details of James Gunn, we’ll probably get one of the best Superman projects ever. (For our review of new DC animated series My Adventures With Superman go here!)

#2 Batman: Brave and the Bold

Directed by Andy Muschietti, Brave and the Bold could capture the recent essence of Batman from the comics. Exploring Batman’s role as a father of Damian Wayne, his biological son, and apparently, the current Robin provides an opportunity for both characters to undergo significant growth. It allows Batman to confront the challenges of fatherhood and further humanize him, showing his vulnerability and emotional depth beyond the vigilante persona.

Grant Morrison's Batman & Robin comic book covers (Upcoming DCU project)
Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin comic book covers (DC)

It also allows Damian to experience personal growth as he navigates his complicated relationship with his father and his own journey toward heroism. Especially after being raised by the bunch of Assassins from the League of Shadows. Batman is often depicted as a brooding and solitary figure, but showcasing his parental side adds emotional depth and complexity to his character.

This film will surely be one of the most anticipated projects by many fans. Even though for now we don’t know much about it, there’s a lot we can expect.

#1 Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will tell the story of Supergirl seen in the comic book with the same title. It was written by legendary Tom King who created a very emotional and moving story about Woman of Steel. It’s an exceptional story that delves into the unexplored emotional and vulnerable aspects of Supergirl. 

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow comic book cover (DC) (Upcoming DCU project)
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow comic book cover (DC)

When she embarked on her journey from Krypton in an escape pod, mirroring the path of her cousin Kal-El, she carried a significant mission within her. However, upon arriving on Earth, the dynamics shifted, and it became Kal’s responsibility to ensure her well-being and protection. This captivating narrative sheds light on the intricate role reversal and the hidden depths of Supergirl’s character.

Woman of Tomorrow is the most anticipated project for me because of the big possibility of exploring Supergirl’s character. There were live-action adaptations that were trying to do it, but none of them had a chance to adapt the Woman of Tomorrow story. Merely because it wasn’t released yet.

Showing a broken Kryptonian looking for her purpose in the universe is a great way to connect with viewers. Acknowledging that even the most powerful beings in the universe are looking for their purpose in life and are scared to be alone is so humane. (For our review of DC comics series Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow go here!)

What are your most anticipated upcoming DCU projects?

What new DCU project are you most excited about? What projects can you do without? What other characters and projects would you like to see the DCU explore? Let us know on social media or chat with us in The Cosmic Circus’ Discord.

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