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Report: The Parents of Marc Spector in ‘Moon Knight’

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Yesterday, Moon Knight had its premiere event at El Capitan Theatre in LA with a large amount of the cast in tow. With it, a couple of revelations about more characters that will be coming up in the show once it finally hits Disney+ on March 30th. To our knowledge, it was unknown that Rey Lucas had been selected as Elias, father to Marc Spector before this event. Lucas has some history in the Marvel universe as he did portray Detective Tomas Ciancio on the Netflix/Marvel series Luke Cage.

Well then, who’s his mom? We have heard the role of “Wendy Spector” has gone to Fernanda Andrade. A quick look at a report from POC Culture an entire year ago helps support the casting of both of Marc’s parents and interestingly enough, there is already a Marvel connection for Andrade. Back in March 2016, she was also cast for the unaired Pilot of Marvel’s Most Wanted, although that never went anywhere they clearly kept in touch. Andrade herself has shared an Instagram update confirming that she has a role in this upcoming series.

How her inclusion is relevant to Marc Spector remains to be seen, as in the comics his mother is dead as well as nameless. Currently, it’s unknown whether Marc’s parents are still alive when we enter Moon Knight or if we simply visit them in flashbacks of his life. With only a week away, Moon Knight is shaping up to be the most intriguing Disney+ show from Marvel Studios yet. The inclusion of Khonshu and other Egyptian deities will make this an exciting endeavor for fans that enjoy a little more mysticism, which ones we see will be thrilling to have come to life in the MCU.

Catch the first episode of Moon Knight in one week, March 30th, when it arrives on Disney+!

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