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The Near Future of Gaming in Comic Book Worlds

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It’s an exciting time for multiple fandoms across the cosmos, especially for gaming based on comic book worlds. As one who crosses a couple of these, I figured I would do my due diligence to round them up for our loyal readers that may have missed out on some of these exciting projects. With The Game Awards prepping to showcase trailers for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Paramount+’s Halo TV series, it was worth looking over these before we get updates at the event. 

Midnight Suns

Firaxis remains hard at work on this strategic game with a mystical background where the player takes on the role of The Huntress and aids Doctor Strange (amongst many other favorites) in his time of need. Development seems steady on pace for a late 2022 target release date (March initially, but a recent delay was announced for the second half of the year). This turn-based combat is similar to the XCOM series that Firaxis has worked on diligently since their recent entries in the series dating from 2012. 

Marvel’s Wolverine


With no release date and nothing beyond a quick teaser in your typical dive bar, this one has little to share for the current timing. But with the work Insomniac has poured into their Spider-Man titles, I expect nothing short of a masterpiece.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

spider-man miles peter

Sony and Insomniac spoiled us not once but twice with the fantastic entries featuring Peter Parker and the recent Miles Morales games for the PlayStation platform. December 10th Insomniac will provide an update that will add two of the suits from the upcoming film Spider-Man: No Way Home, namely the Iron Spider Suit and the Black and Gold suit we’ve seen throughout the trailers used in the battle against Doc Ock and Electro. 

spider-man game

What we do know so far about this upcoming sequel, is the introduction of the beloved Venom as the antagonist. The game remains to be a single-player one, but after having gone through his own trials, Miles is more than capable to be one of the two Spider-Men facing against the symbiotic foe (the Black Cat DLC did provide a bit of tag-team dynamic that could be incorporated here). Also, the inclusion of Kraven the Hunter, but very little on that part. This one is shaping up to be the most ambitious Marvel property on the console to date in 2023. 

Untitled Skydance New Media 

Well, we wish we knew more about this one! Even the announcement intentionally remained short on elaboration. We do know that it’s mostly focused on narratives and storylines with known heroes. Marc Bernadin is currently working on it and recently on a podcast with director Kevin Smith teased that someone in the chat may have gotten guesses correctly. From the chat and system of elimination, some believe that it could be an Ant-Man or Fantastic Four game that is being developed. Having Amy Hennig at the helm with her brilliant work on Uncharted could provide gamers with a memorable experience through an engaging single-player adventure. Regardless of what hero we get, as a big fan of single-player titles, I can’t wait to see the worlds we will wander. 

Gotham Knights

After the “death” of Bruce Wayne / Batman at the end of Batman: Arkham Knight, the team-up of Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood forms to hold Gotham together as the Dark Knight is no longer around to protect. This one is interesting as it provides a couple of modes, allowing a player to do the story alone or the two-player cooperative mode that gives the freedom to drop in and out of sessions. While 2022 is right around the corner, the game was pushed to next year and few updates have come out.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

This one will be a spin-off from the Arkham series but without any inclusion of the Bat-Family. The name gets the plot across, just neglecting to mention that in this scenario, Brainiac has succeeded in his mind control of the planetary defenders. With the Justice League under Brainiac’s control, it makes a little more sense as to why Amanda Waller has sent them on this mission. This tweet from the Creative Director Sefton Hill of Rocksteady Games suggests we may get to see some actual in-game action during the showcase event.

As for now, as a gamer and comic book property fan, I’m making my way through the new Guardians of the Galaxy release until we have more to say on these and any more that may come through!

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