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What I Heard: Hunter Doohan May Be Cast In ‘Daredevil: Born Again’

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The highly anticipated Marvel Studios Disney+ show, Daredevil: Born Again, has fans eagerly waiting to witness the beloved Man Without Fear return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the success of the previous Daredevil series on Netflix, which gained a dedicated following and critical acclaim, the anticipation for this new iteration is reaching new heights. As casting for the new series, both official and rumored continues to dribble out, we’ve heard our own casting rumor recently about Wednesday actor Hunter Doohan.

[Editor’s Note: At the time of reporting this article, we’ve checked with several sources who could not corroborate this information at this time. However, this does have a certain level of credibility based on other factors, and we felt it was worth sharing with you today. That being said, please continue to consider this a “rumor.” ]

Rumor: Hunter Doohan has joined the cast of Daredevil: Born Again

We have recently received word that Hunter Doohan, known for his remarkable performance in the Netflix series Wednesday, is set to join the MCU in Daredevil: Born Again. According to this new information we’ve received, Doohan has already been filming for the show in New York.

Hunter Doohan in Netflix's Wednesday.
Hunter Doohan in Netflix’s Wednesday. (Netflix)

At this time, there is no word on his role or who he may be portraying. However, according to this new source, Doohan may have a substantial role in the show, granted the amount of time he has spent filming for the show.

When our team took up the task of corroborating this report, we were able to confirm that Hunter Doohan has recently been in New York for the past several days. On Instagram, we also found that Doohan had recently followed and was followed back by Margarita Levieva, who is also appearing in Daredevil: Born Again.

Although relatively new to the industry, Doohan has already made a significant impact with his versatile performances. He showcased his talent on Wednesday, where he portrayed Tyler Galpin, a compelling and complex character, winning over critics and viewers alike. The addition of Doohan to the cast of Daredevil: Born Again would undoubtedly bring a fresh dynamic to the show, adding to the anticipation and intrigue surrounding the project.

With this potential casting, we are left to ponder and speculate about who he might portray in this highly anticipated series. Will he take on a new character created specifically for the show or step into the shoes of an established character from Marvel Comics?

What we know about Daredevil: Born Again

In this thrilling adaptation, fans can expect to see their favorite blind lawyer-turned-vigilante, Matt Murdock, portrayed by the incredible Charlie Cox, take on challenges from both inside and outside the courtroom. The show is also set to feature the return of Vincent D’Onofrio as the enigmatic Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, and Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher. 

There is also the big question of exactly how connected this show is to the previous Netflix series. Is it a direct continuation? Is it a soft reboot? A complete blank slate? While many details about the show are still under wraps, from what we have been told, Marvel Studios has been carefully crafting a story reminiscent of the Netflix series and yet, at the same time, has its own MCU spin on it, interweaving elements from the past and bringing them forth to help set up a larger story in the future of the Street-Level MCU. 

So you can expect to see some familiar faces from the Netflix past return to the present MCU. But until then, the speculation will continue to fuel the excitement surrounding the show as fans eagerly count down the days until they can once again experience the thrilling world of The Man Without Fear.

What do you think about this rumor? Are you excited for more Daredevil? Let us know on Twitter @mycosmiccircus or The Cosmic Circus Discord! 

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