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An Update On Those Exciting ‘Doctor Who’ Rumored Returns of David Tennant and Catherine Tate

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Last month, we reported that returning showrunner Russell T. Davies already found the next Doctor for Doctor Who. In the initial report, the rumor, found on a Facebook post, stated that David Tennant, along with Catherine Tate would return to the TARDIS for three specials in 2023. Similar in fashion to Tennant and Whittaker’s final run on Doctor Who.

This rumor was supposedly leaked by the same anonymous BBC source who revealed Sacha Dhawan as the Master. Which was confirmed in Jodie Whittaker’s second season of the BBC show. At the time this wasn’t anything more than a rumor, however, insider Daniel Richtman just released a video about the upcoming series of Doctor Who, adding some more weight to the rumors. 

Daniel Richtman’s Report on Doctor Who

Daniel Richtman posted a new video a short time ago via RPK News on Youtube about the return of Tennant and the casting of the Fourteenth Doctor. Per the video, Richtman heard from multiple insiders that both David Tennant and Catherine Tate are set to return for three specials in 2023.

He went on to state that Davies is also currently casting for the Fourteenth Doctor and is open to both men and women for the role. Check out the video here.

Richtman’s report lines up with earlier reports on casting and rumors reported here and at Doctor Who TV. It is interesting to note that according to Richtman’s report in the video, Tennant’s return is not to play a different regeneration of The Doctor, but instead return as the tenth Doctor. The initial rumor surprisingly indicated that he would play a new version, the Fourteenth Doctor, with a different actor taking over in 2024 as The Fifteenth Doctor.

However, with the return of both Tennant and Tate, it makes a bit more sense that they would both reprise their older roles rather than new characters. If Tennant returned without Tate a new incarnation of The Doctor may have worked, being a regenerating alien with two hearts. With Tate returning as well, it would be an odd choice to have her play someone different seeing Donna was human during her run on the show. Though in a show about aliens, I suppose anything is possible.

Additional Information about Doctor Who’s Future

As well, this lines up with some other rumors and information gathered about Jodie Whittaker’s final moments and how the BBC representative refused to confirm or deny Tennant’s involvement in the next series. Still, none of these reports by Richtman or anyone else linked here should be seen as an official confirmation just yet. We will certainly keep our eyes on the developments for this story and keep you updated. With Whittaker’s second special nearing closer, a confirmation may be closer than we even realize.

Either way, getting support from a scooper with a track record like Richtman’s of David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s likely return to Doctor Who is incredibly exciting! It feels like a great way to celebrate 60 years of this sci-fi staple as well as nearly 20 years since the reboot itself.

But with these two actors returning, who else may return from The Doctor’s past? I bet you this isn’t the last special or reveal we receive from the upcoming production of these three specials. What do you think? With every new rumor does it seem more likely that Tennant is returning? Are you more excited to see David Tennant or Catherine Tate return to the show? Let us know on Twitter at @mycosmiccircus!

Doctor Who returns with two more specials in 2023. Check out the teaser below for the next episode expected in Spring 2022, “Legend of the Sea Devils.”

Source: RPK News, Doctor Who TV

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