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‘Baymax!’ Season 1 Review: I’m Satisfied With My Care

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Big Hero 6 is one of those films that just has so much potential. Having a special place in my heart, the movie from Walt Disney Pictures was based on a comic book series from Marvel. It follows 14-year-old Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter), as he comes to grips with losing his older brother in a tragic accident. With the help of some friends and a healthcare provider robot named Baymax, Hiro not only receives the healing he needs but also creates a new team of superheroes to save San Fansokyo known as Big Hero 6. 

This amazing film came out in 2014 with a series on the Disney channel that continued the heroics of this team of superheroes. However, the series felt different than the film, with a different animation and a change in some of the voice actors.

With Baymax, announced in December 2020, audiences finally return to San Fransokyo and the animation style similar to the film. Six episodes of the continuation series dropped last week, so how did Baymax! compare to the original film? For me, Baymax! builds on an already strong foundation.

[Warning: Spoilers from Baymax! season one are below!]

Baymax! the adventure continues

Baymax!, while a continuation of Big Hero 6, doesn’t feature many of the characters from the original film. The series focuses on Baymax (Scott Adsit) as he fulfills his original mission programming, providing care to those who need it. Although the care isn’t of the superhero kind but instead assists individuals with their medical needs. Each episode focuses on a new person, beginning with Aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph).

Hearing the cry of pain from Hiro’s aunt, Baymax descends the stairs to find her ankle sprained when she tripped over a step stool. Setting her to rest her ankle in the apartment above The Lucky Cat, a family-owned cafe, Baymax takes it upon himself to finish Aunt Cass’s responsibilities in the coffee shop. Cue the hilarity, because Baymax is no Aunt Cass. He struggles to fully grasp the concept of running a cafe, but his mechanical heart is in it. 

The episode resolves itself with a heart-to-heart with Aunt Cass, where she confides that she made a promise to care for her nephews. If the cafe closes even temporarily, she fears that the customers will leave to find other places. However, in the end she discovers that the people aren’t just coming for the coffee and food, but for her. Baymax provided Hiro’s aunt not just with physical care but helped her to receive the emotional care she required.

Baymax! The Series Group
LtR: Hiro (Ryan Potter), Mbita (Jaboukie Young-White), Sofia (Lilimar), Baymax (Scott Adsit), Kiko (Emily Kuroda), and Cass (Maya Rudolph). Baymax! (Disney+)

Other adventures with our healthcare companion

Those behind the scenes of Baymax! fit a ton of heart into each in every short. The prior description of Aunt Cass’s episode took place in just 11 minutes, and yet the episode is brimming with emotion. The pattern continued with all six episodes.

Kiko (Emily Kuroda) is an old retiree who struggles with hip pain, causing her to be quite cranky. Baymax sets out on a mission to get Kiko to the local swimming pool, which he believes will be good for the pain. Throughout the process, he helps her to deal with her grief, a loss that stops her from spending time at the pool.

Sofia (Lilimar) is a girl who gets her first period at school, requiring Baymax’s help with getting some hygiene products. Seeing Baymax in the store learning about which products are necessary from caring individuals who had more knowledge than him was one of the best moments of the series. Returning back to Sofia, Baymax helped her overcome her fear of growing up by assuring her that she doesn’t have to rush through her childhood. This interaction alone brought tears to my eyes.

Mbita (Jaboukie Young-White) is an individual who develops an allergy to fish but feels the pressure of continuing his parent’s dream of a fish soup food truck. Baymax attempts to give him a shot to reduce the swelling, but also helps him to realize that his grief and pressure aren’t healthy, leading Mbita to make some big changes in his life.

Yachi is the final patient of Baymax’s, who also happens to be a cat. Yachi accidentally swallowed a Bluetooth headphone, which Baymax helps to dislodge from his throat. While Baymax succeeds he also runs out of power, trapped in a warehouse scheduled for demolition.

The final one in need is Baymax himself

In the final episode, Hiro gathers the patients from all the other episodes, in hopes of finding the lost Baymax. The group works together to break into the sealed-off warehouse, saving Baymax before the bombs go off. This episode also made me cry, seeing how much healing Baymax provided to each and every one of his previous patients. The impact that the robot had on all these people warmed my heart.

My only issue with Baymax!

I loved pretty much everything about Baymax!, however, I had one big issue with the series. It made me want more. At the end of the six episodes, which barely clock in over an hour altogether, I found myself craving another six episodes. I needed to see more of Baymax’s everyday life as he works to complete his healthcare mission and more time in San Fransokyo with the robot whose heart is even bigger than his memory bank

I began searching the internet for any indication that if or when a new Big Hero 6 could be coming out. Disney+ has opened up a lot of possibilities with the future of many of its franchises and it reminded me that there is great potential in this specific series future.

For fans of the original film, lovers of everything Disney, or for those who just want some great laughs and even better cries, I suggest you check out Baymax! the first moment you can. If you’re like me, then you too will be satisfied with your care, even if you find yourself needing more. But what did you think of the series? Let us know over on Twitter !

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