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Audition Tape Seems to Confirm Bushman in ‘Moon Knight’

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 We have just come across some strong evidence that Bushman, a long-rumored villain for Moon Knight, will indeed be appearing in the Disney+ series. The evidence comes via an audition tape posted by actor Clay Cureton on specifically for the character and the show. 



The audition video can be accessed via this link on and looking under media (see above). It is unlikely that Mr. Cureton got the part, but we do know that someone has been speculated to be playing Raul Bushman in the series – Loic Mabanza. Back in July 2021, Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse wrote up some supporting evidence that Mabanza could be in the series and playing Bushman, and it now seems even more likely that this is the case.

Here is a quick write-up of the dialogue from the audition tape below. As mentioned in this recent post about another audition tape we found, sometimes these tapes are variations on actual scenes in the finished film or series, so don’t be surprised if you see this scene in a couple of weeks! 

[Possible SPOILERS for Moon Knight below!]

Bushman:You have gotten soft Spector, put fear in their eyes, that is the only way.”

Spector:Gun down innocent civilians…”

Bushman:I see you have much to learn about terror. I have to set an example. Why do you think I have tattooed my face as the mask of death?”

Spector: “Maybe I just know I’m a professional soldier, and not a butcher?”

Bushman:In this profession, you must be bloodthirsty and ruthless.”

Spector:Well Bushman, I think this is where we part ways.”


Spector:Get out of here find a vehicle and get away, go!”

Bushman:Leave her! She is not worth the effort. You are good, Spector, but not as good as Bushman.”

Bushman was first reported as appearing in Moon Knight by Daniel Richtman back in November 2019 (via What do you think? Are you excited to see this character in Moon Knight? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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