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Disney+ User Survey Raises Character Questions For Loki Season 2

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I’ve received from one of my trusted sources information about a user opinion survey that Disney+ very recently sent out in respect to what users would like to see in season two of Loki. The second season is currently in pre-production, with it likely filming early in 2022, so it makes sense that Disney would send out a survey to get some feedback on what, or more specifically who, worked for the viewers of the popular program, as they plan to continue the story. 

One survey question was: 

“How interested are you in seeing each of these characters from Loki in future shows/movies from Marvel Studios?” 

Note that it says shows OR movies in that question. So it seems this is a strong indicator that we can expect to see some of these season one characters pop up in MCU films as well.

That slightly ominous animated little darling Miss Minutes was (of course) included in this questionnaire, along with most of the other characters. This included Kid Loki, who some, myself included, have believed all along we will see more of, possibly in a Young Avengers project. Sadly neither Alligator Loki nor Classic Loki, nor the awkward TVA office nerd Casey were mentioned within this survey.

Another question Disney+ posed to users was: 

“Thinking specifically about the following characters featured in the first season of Loki, what do you hope will happen to them in season 2 of Loki?” 

Once again most of the characters from the first season were listed for users to give feedback on. This included Kid Loki, Ravonna, Mobius, Sylvie as well as of course our prime variant Loki played by Tom Hiddleston. I’ll also note that Wunmi Mosaku’s Hunter B-15, would appear to still have a story to be told about her past. I’d be interested in learning who she was in her previous “happy life” before the TVA, wouldn’t you?

And who isn’t going to respond to that survey that they want Owen Wilson’s Mobius to be seen riding a jet ski in season 2, since it was so unfairly left out in the first season’s finale?! C’mon Marvel! Give the people (and Mobius) what they want!

But perhaps most interestingly, “He Who Remains” was included in this survey. The Kang the Conqueror variant, “He Who Remains” played brilliantly by Jonathan Majors in the finale, is a bit of a surprise to see in this survey about the future of the show, based on the fact that Sylvie gave him the old “stabbie-stabbie” treatment before a multitude of wayward timeline branches made like Silly String at a kid’s birthday party. The Multiversal War is coming it seems. And while, at first glance, you may think it would be odd for this particular Variant of Kang to reappear after that finale, it’s entirely possible a previous version of He Who Remains would, within the context of a story about time travel and multiverses. Remember his chilling last words to Sylvie, “I’ll see you soon.” 

Lastly, I’ll note from the survey, there were no questions about watching the series all at once versus weekly. The takeaway from that is their strategy is clear. Tentpoles get weekly drops, other originals drop all at once. 

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