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Exclusive: Blade Shoot Start Pushed Back to Fall 2022

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[Editor’s Note 9/2/22: It was recently confirmed at SDCC that Blade is expected to begin filming in October this year. In addition, earlier today, a specific start date for Blade of October 5, 2022, with a projected end date of January 28, 2023 was posted by production directory kftv.com . As always, remember that start dates can change but things are looking good for an October start for the much-anticipated film. Thank you to @mcufightlub on Twitter for the heads up on the listing.]

Recently, there’s been reports that Marvel’s Blade movie, starring Mahershala Ali, will begin filming next month. This seems to be mostly based on productionlist.com listing the start date as July 4th. Unfortunately, the website is not always accurate.

On top of that, it seems changes in filming start dates have become the norm now – which I can assure you is a headache for me and anyone else who likes to keep track of and report on them. As a lingering effect of COVID, production delays and setbacks are still a thing, and unfortunately, the much-anticipated Blade movie is the next one that has taken another hit and pushed back.

Blade comic
Blade (Marvel Comics)

You may recall, back in April, Ayla Ruby reported that Standoffish Productions LLC and Perfect Imprints are the production company and working title for the Blade movie. Now, according to my sources, I heard back in May that Blade’s filming start date might be pushed back to September. I reported that in early June on my Twitter account, then commented on it again a few weeks later.


As I mentioned in my tweets, I was waiting for more information to report about it further. I can now exclusively report, via sources I’m confident in, that the Blade movie will begin shooting in October at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA.

The FTIA production list site also has New Orleans, LA as an additional location for filming, and at this time I believe that to be true. I’ve also heard filming in Morocco is being considered as well, although that doesn’t appear to be completely certain yet. 

Why the delay? It’s difficult to be certain, although one factor may be whether or not the script is completely ready for filming, another may be scheduling. It’s hard to know all the factors that go into these types of decisions.

And when I say I’m confident in the start date change, of course, see my earlier comment about delays being the norm for productions these days, and cross your fingers even that holds. Hopefully, Blade’s filming start won’t be pushed back again. 

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