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Exclusive: Man-Thing to Appear in ‘Werewolf By Night’

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The Werewolf By Night Halloween special has been filming in Georgia this month, and yet still no official announcements. There has long been speculation that Gael García Bernal’s Werewolf By Night (I’m hearing it will be Jack not Jake) might have a cameo in Moon Knight. That hasn’t happened so far but the finale releases next Wednesday. It seems a reasonable theory that they are holding back an announcement for that reason. Luckily, we don’t have long to wait to find out if that’s the case.

In the meantime, I bring news about another Marvel monster – Theodore Sallis aka Man-Thing.

Watch out! Here comes Man-Thing!

Back on March 2nd this year, Screen Geek came out with an exclusive that there was a Man-Thing Halloween Special in the works. While I can’t currently confirm that, I do think it’s extremely likely.

One of the reasons I say that is I can now exclusively share that Man-Thing is set to appear in a cameo in the Werewolf By Night Halloween special being directed by Michael Giacchino. While it’s only a cameo from what I heard, and that certainly can change, I have been told this by multiple previously very reliable sources, and so I believe this to be true. 


I can also report via reliable sources that both Werewolf By Night and Man-Thing will be at least partially practical effects in the show. What I’ve now heard lines up with a previous report by After Hours Media about the Werewolf By Night being practical as well.

In After Hours Media’s report, he uncovers evidence that Halloween Horror Nights is working with the Marvel production, and specifically on WBN. With that in mind, it’s possible they are working on Man-Thing as well, tho I cannot confirm that at this time. I just know he will be at least partially animatronic.

I should note as well, that The Hollywood Reporter mentioned last month that Werewolf By Night may not be called that when it comes out later this year. If they are indeed making a yearly tradition of it, under a specific banner for the Halloween specials, then this could certainly support the previous report from Screen Geek that Man-Thing is getting his own special as well.

What is a Man-Thing exactly?

Man-Thing first appeared in Savage Tales #1 in May 1971 with credits to Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway (Writers), and Gray Morrow (Penciler and Inker). 

In his origin story, scientist Theodore Sallis injects himself with his own super-soldier serum while trying to escape some bad guys trying to get at it. He nearly dies in a car crash in the Florida Everglades, but the serum and the swamp combined somehow turn him into the Man-Thing!

man-thing comic

With that turn of events, Dr. Ted Sallis is turned into a mindless monster, who is neither good nor evil, but there is much more to the creature than that. Those who fear, if they touch him, they will be set on fire or burn.

He also lives in the Florida Everglades, a swamp that doubles as the Nexus of All Realities and a portal connecting dimensions. This is particularly interesting considering we’re about to enter a “Multiverse of Madness” with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange very soon!

It should be noted, that Man-Thing has also been on many Marvel teams, such as The Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers, and The Howling Commandos. As well, he was briefly with Midnight Sons, the Legion of Monsters, and “The Fearsome Four.”

Who is Playing Man-Thing?

While my multiple sources have now indicated that Man-Thing is appearing in Werewolf By Night, I have yet to hear an actor’s name attached. As sometimes does, once a report like this goes out, others may step up and find the answers. But as for now, stick with The Cosmic Circus for more updates on Werewolf By Night and other Marvel projects!

stine man-thing


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Are you excited for Man-Thing in the MCU?! Let us know in the comments or on social media (links in the menu!) what you think! 

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