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First Report: Liz Carr’s Character in ‘Loki’ Season 2

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We’re less than a month away from the return of Loki, a series focused on the God of Mischief. It feels like forever since the first season arrived, with Loki finally receiving a project that is dedicated to him and his glorious purpose. However, the first outing had huge ramifications on the entire MCU, changing it into the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, with a quick decision from Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), a Loki variant. While the direction of season 2 is still being kept under wraps, Marvel Studios has confirmed some pieces of information via a press release back in June, such as the inclusion of Liz Carr in an undisclosed role.

The inclusion of Liz Carr, who has starred in the series The Witcher and Good Omens, is a fantastic grab from Marvel Studios. But why is her role shrouded in mystery? Does it give away too much of what to expect for season 2 of Loki? Well, thankfully you don’t have to wonder much longer, we’ve found some information about who exactly Liz Carr is playing and just how many episodes she’ll be in. Continue on if you wish to know more about the actress’ role in this highly anticipated Marvel Studios series.

[Warning: Possible spoilers from Loki Season 2 are below!]

All rise, the honorable Judge Gamble is in the building

Thanks to some watchful eyes, we discovered this morning on IMDb an update to Liz Carr and Loki’s page , linking her to a character called Judge Gamble. It’s easy to assume that with a title like that, she’ll be one of the judges who oversees some of the shenanigans that occur at the Time Variance Authority, a.k.a. The TVA. However, there is not an exact character from Marvel Comics history called Judge Gamble. So it’s difficult to say who exactly she is playing, but this is also where we get to have a bit of fun with some speculation.

While Judge Gamble isn’t a direct character from the comics, there is another character named Gamble that has a close tie to the TVA. In the comics, Justin Alphonse Gamble is a former employee of the TVA, however, quit when he disagreed with how the organization dealt with a problem. Like a typical bureaucracy, instead of proactively solving the problem, they formed a committee that would investigate it for centuries. 

Bothered by their lack of response, Gamble decides to take matters into his own hands, stealing a Time Capsule and setting off by himself to bring an end to the problem. The origin of this character feels very Doctor Who-esque, with a maverick time traveler taking issues into his own hands. His journey through Marvel Comics was of a single-track mind, ending the incinerators at any cost. Eventually, this mission leads him to recruit characters throughout time to form his own team, even recruiting Deadpool at one point.

During his time at the TVA, Gamble was a teacher to the new recruits, preparing them for the difficult job of keeping the timelines secured. However, he abused his role as an educator, becoming obsessed romantically with different students. While this particular storyline is definitely a big yikes for a multitude of reasons, perhaps there’s something to glean from it and some of the other bits of Justin Gamble’s life that might play out in Loki’s second season.

Professor Gambles
Justin Alfonse and Gracie Destine aka Gracie Gamble (Marvel Comics)

An alternate candidate for Judge Gamble’s inspiration is a character linked to the Clan Destine in the comics. Gracie Destine, aka Professor Gracie Gamble, is a powerful magic user and could be a good fit for Liz Carr’s character in Loki as well, even tho she does not appear to have ties to the TVA in the comics. As we well know at this point, Marvel sometimes takes inspiration from the comics for characters and this one could well be a combination of both of these characters. 

Theorizing about Liz Carr’s character in Loki

It’s possible that Marvel Studios is taking the name and nothing else when it comes to the adaptation of either of these Gambles. However, there are some bits that are interesting and could create a compelling story. One route could be seeing Judge Gamble training the younger TVA agents on how to do their jobs, but crosses boundaries best left alone. This story would be timely with the current issues within our own society, especially for younger individuals stuck in undesirable power dynamics.

However, it’s likely that Judge Gamble, if based on the comic character Justin Gamble, will be an upstanding model of what life at the TVA could be. That is, until something occurs and she becomes disillusioned with the organization and everything it stands for. That seems to fit in easily with where the series left off back in 2021. 

The sacred timeline had been destroyed, and it seemingly appeared that something was off with time, as no one remembers Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in the closing moments. But prior to that, the series dropped a huge bombshell in that the entirety of the TVA is a farce, which if discovered in whatever time or timeline Loki ended up in, could upset a certain judge who has worked hard to uphold the institution and its beliefs.

What do you think of Liz Carr playing Judge Gamble in Loki?

It’s also worth noting that Judge Gamble is expected to appear in three episodes of Loki season 2, specifically the first, fourth, and sixth (per IMDb). We still don’t know what to expect from Judge Gamble when she arrives on our screen, but I feel like we have a general direction of her characterization when Loki returns this October.

Loki premieres on October 5 only on Disney+. What are your thoughts on Liz Carr’s character? Do you think she’s playing a version of Justin Gamble or Gracie Gamble or both? Let us know on social media @mycosmiccircus or in The Cosmic Circus Discord.

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