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‘Hawkeye: Kate Bishop’ Review and Predictions – Spoilers

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If you are already missing Kate Bishop after the Hawkeye season finale like me you definitely want to check out Hawkeye: Kate Bishop. In this five-issue run by Marieke Nijkamp Kate Bishop is finally headed back to New York after some time on the west coast! But of course, Kate can’t resist the chance to help someone in need, even though she is definitely walking into a trap. Nijkamp does a great job writing Kate’s personality and humor that I love as well as her determination for solving any case she’s on. These first two issues indicate that this is a classic Kate Bishop story. It’s fun mixed with a high-stakes mystery that ties into her never-ending family drama. 

The first issue (FMI: issue #1 ) starts with Kate stopping a group of criminals while trying to text fellow Young Avengers America Chavez and Cassie Lang. The two are trying to convince Kate to come back to New York. After wrapping up her case Kate decides to go in a new direction, meaning going home is what’s best for her. Even if it means taking a long way home. I’m a big Young Avengers fan and I’ve missed seeing them together so I hope this might be hinting at a new Young Avengers story soon. If not all the Young Avengers then maybe a story with America, Kate, and Cassie is in the works. But before our favorite private investigator heads back home she receives an invitation to the perfect detour, Resort Chapiteau in the Hamptons. I was shocked when Kate and Lucky found her missing and “very estranged sister” Susan Bishop. Something is very off about Resort Chapiteau. And of course, in the short time Kate has been there a little girl goes missing, Susan asks Kate for help to find her stolen ring and to find out why she can’t remember anything from her last visit.   

The last time we saw Susan in the comics was Young Avengers when five gunmen came into St. Patrick’s Cathedral during her wedding to rob guests. Susan was always looking for their father’s approval and enjoys living a rich lavish life. Meanwhile, Kate has never been on the best terms with her father and her family’s wealth always made her uncomfortable. Susan has made her very negative opinion clear on Kate being a superhero causing more of a divide between them. The very last person I thought would ever ask Kate for help is her older sister. I like that we finally get to see more interactions between Susan and Kate since Kate only ever mentions her. Giving Susan time to develop over the next three issues is something I’m looking forward to. From what little we know about Susan it seems like she has changed over the years. We now know she has been through a divorce, the struggle of running the family company and dealing with their father who is a complicated man. For now, it seems like she has Kate’s back while they try and solve who’s behind this resort and the robberies. Kate still seems like she is questioning her sister and rightfully so since her family members aren’t the most trustworthy people. I’m also curious to see if this will lead to future appearances for Susan.  

In the latest issue Kate’s investigation (FMI: issue #2), that the less than friendly resort staff are against her doing, picks up. Kate ends up finding the little girl surprisingly with help from Susan and Lucky of course. When Kate begins to chase the kidnapper she shoots the resort bracelet off of him and he doesn’t remember kidnapping anyone. After that happens Kate seems to gain more of an understanding that she is probably dealing with brainwashed staff, guests, and a resident circus act that is guilty of something. One of the mystery people behind the resort experiment and robbing guests clearly knows Kate and maybe has ties to the circus. This makes me think Ringmaster is possibly behind this, looking for revenge against the Hawkeyes. The last time Kate and Clint fought Ringmaster was in Matt Fraction’s run. Ringmaster hypnotized and robbed the crowd during a circus show which is something the bracelets seem to be doing to staff and guests. Ringmaster lost his fight against the two, definitely leaving him in trouble with other criminals such as Kingpin giving him a motive. The second person behind the resort seems like they don’t know Kate and are more focused on the brainwashing experiment being run. 

The first two issues of Hawkeye: Kate Bishop are on sale now. Issue #3 will be available on January 12, 2022. 

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