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Meet Ms. Marvel: Family and Friends of Kamala Khan

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Kamala is indeed the best version of herself, but she doesn’t do it alone. There are a lot of amazing people she has in her life to help her along the way. Some of them knew from the beginning that she was Ms. Marvel, others found out later in her stories. But regardless of how much they know about her secret life, the family and friends of Kamala Khan are there for her throughout and will always help her.

Family is important to Kamala. And although there are some misunderstandings along the way, the Khan’s are a strong family that sticks together through it all. They are always there to comfort and guide Kamala if she needs it, and she will do anything to help them.

The Khan family represents the home lives of many people, and it’s just another reason that these comics have become such a big hit. So let’s take a look at her family, and why they’re so important to her.

Kamala’s Parents: Yusuf and Muneeba Khan

Kamala’s parents are her foundation. They are firm and sometimes strict. But they are also loving, and kind, and only want what’s best for their children.

Ms Marvel, Muneeba Khan and Yusuf Khan
Muneeba and Yusuf speak with Kamala and praise her bravery, Magnificent Ms. Marvel #6. (Marvel Comics)

Originally from Pakistan, Muneeba and Yusuf Khan moved to Jersey City, New Jersey with their son Aamir. Although they had been told by doctors that they would be unable to have more children, they were blessed when Kamala came along – we learn that she is called Kamala from the Arabic word Kamal, which means “perfect.”

Their characters seem a little different in the show from the comics. Although Muneeba has some lines that Yusuf has in the comics, and their relationships with Kamala seem to be swapped, the essence of who they are is still there.

Muneeba sometimes has a tense relationship with Kamala, and the two have some misunderstandings. But she supports her daughter and is there to make sure she is safe. Yusuf is a bit gentler in the show than in the comics, but he is still there to guide Kamala and tries to understand who she is.

In the comics, Muneeba figures out that Kamala is sneaking out and helping people disguised as Ms. Marvel, but she doesn’t confront her daughter straight away. You can tell that she trusts her, and waits for Kamala to confide in her.

This eventually happens when the multiverse is coming to an end due to a cosmic incursion during Ms. Marvel: Last Days. When Kamala tells her mother about her secret second life, Muneeba tells her she knows and is just happy that she has raised a righteous daughter.

Yusuf learns of Kamala’s secret identity after he is diagnosed with an illness related to his latent inhuman DNA. Although he is angry about this at first, he eventually comes around to the idea. He even extends her curfew by 30 minutes!

Eventually, he fully supports his daughter, and although there are still some tensions between them regarding her superhero activities, he is still there for his daughter. His support, as well as Muneeba’s, is paramount for Kamala. They help her bridge the gap she feels between her normal life and her superhero lif

Yusuf and Muneeba are vital to Kamala. They are loving caring parents who want their children safe and will support them in doing the right thing. Although they don’t always see eye to eye with her, they always try to lead her down the right path and make sure she is safe. No one can be a perfect parent, but they are the perfect parents for Kamala, and they are always there to help her.

Kamala’s brother: Aamir Khan

As the older brother to Kamala, Aamir can sometimes be a little overprotective of his younger sister. But, he is close to his sister and also tries to help her out sometimes when it comes to speaking with their parents.

Aamir and Tyesha Khan on their wedding day
Aamir with his soon-to-be wife, taking a moment to think about family. Ms. Marvel vol. 4 #5 (Marvel Comics)

Aamir is very protective of his sister, especially when it comes to boys. One time, he even told Bruno that things will never work between him and Kamala. And when Kamran came into their lives, he took his duty as their chaperone very seriously. Like his parents, he just wants his sister to be safe, but sometimes he seems to be trying to get in the way.

Like any siblings, Kamala and Aamir aren’t always on the same page, but they do truly love each other and rely on each other for help. When Aamir is kidnapped and has his own (temporary) superpowers, Kamala leaves everyone at the end of the world to save her brother. She is there to try and support him when he needs it, in the same way, he tries his best to help her out, especially when it comes to speaking with their parents.

Kamala chaperones Aamir when he wants to meet with his future wife, Tyesha. Kamala instantly likes her, and they become close when Tyesha moves in with the Khan family. Throughout Aamir’s engagement and wedding celebrations, he makes it clear how important Kamala is, and how he needs her there. Eventually, when Aamir has a son, Kamala becomes a dutiful aunt and loves to spend time with her brother and his family.

The Khan family at Aamir Khan’s Wedding in Ms. Marvel vol. v
A happy occasion as Aamir and Tyesha tie the know, in Ms. Marvel vol. 4 #6 (Marvel Comics)

The Khan Family Dynamics

One of the things that’s so special about Kamala’s story is her family. So many superheroes have a tragic backstory where they lose their family, or they aren’t there, to begin with. But Kamala’s closeness to her parents and brother bring a different aspect to the comics, and they explore the dynamics of a family unit that is so often missing but still needed.

They love each other dearly and are always there to support each other no matter what. Even when there are disagreements or misunderstandings, they find a way to work through it, and this in itself represents something that we can all relate to. Kamala’s popularity comes from how fun and nerdy she is, but also her relationship with her family.

A Little Help From Her Friends

As well as her family, Kamala has an amazing group of friends that help her out. Some of them are friends she’s had for a long time, and some are newer. They each help Kamala along the way to understand who she is.

Kamala Khan and her friends
Kamala and her friends living their best lives, in Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18 (Marvel Comics)

As with any friendship as you’re growing up, things aren’t always smooth sailing. But no matter how difficult things get, they always seem to find a way to fix things in the end. Kamala isn’t just finding her way as a superhero, but she’s also finding her way in the world, and her friends are there to help her with both, and she does her best to help them in return.

Bruno Carrelli

One of Kamala’s best friends is Bruno Carrelli. They’ve known each other since they were young, and have been there for each other through a lot of difficult times. They bonded over their love for all things nerdy. Bruno is a genius and has helped Kamala from the beginning with anything she needs.

Kamala and Bruno on a rooftop
Bruno and Kamala: best friends and full of jokes, Ms. Marvel vol. 4, #36 (Marvel Comics)

In the earliest issues of Ms. Marvel, Kamala accidentally reveals her secret to Bruno after trying to stop a robbery. From this point on, he helps Kamala whenever she needs him and becomes her sidekick throughout.

Although tensions sometimes happen between the two, they never stay mad at each other for too long. Bruno and Kamala are true friends that will always be there for each other, no matter what happens. Even after Bruno is injured while trying to free his friend from a prison Kamala placed him in, they eventually come to understand each other and figure out what they are doing.

There have been a lot of ups and downs in their friendship. Through hidden feelings, disagreeing on what a superhero should be, and other romantic interests, their friendship is tested a lot. But they remain best friends, and nothing will stop that.

Bruno cares deeply for Kamala, and he is one of the people she relies on the most when she’s in need. He understands her completely, and they bond over more than just their love of Tween Mutant Samurai Turtles. No matter what the world throws at them, he will always be there to help her.

Nakia Bahadir

Another of Kamala’s lifelong best friends, Nakia Bahadir is a vital part of Kamala’s group of friends. The pair met as children and became fast friends. While Nakia has no problems with speaking her mind, even when she’s dealing with her friends, she is a fiercely loyal friend who will help Kamala no matter what.

Nakia talking to the media about Ms Marvel
Nakia, an outspoken activist, voicing her opinions on a suspicious Ms. Marvel, Ms. Marvel go. 4 #2 (Marvel Comics)

She’s also an outspoken activist who cares deeply for her neighborhood. She has no issues with speaking publicly and voicing her opinion, and this is one of the things that makes her so endearing. Nakia wants to change the world, and she’s doing all she can to make it happen.

She has problems with Ms. Marvel, to begin with after her likeness is used to promote a gentrification project that’s a cover-up for Hydra. She even goes on TV to denounce the young hero. However, she’s not aware of her true identity. After some time, she comes to realize that Ms. Marvel is also trying to save the city, and grows to love her, even donning the costume to help save the city when Kamala disappears.

Nakia has a strong will, mind, and faith. She sees the world for what it is, and isn’t afraid to let people know. This works well in the dynamics of her group of friends. She keeps people grounded, and doesn’t let them get above themselves, but is also loving and will protect her friends no matter the cost.

Michaela ‘Mike’ Gutierrez Miller and Zoe Zimmer

Zoe Zimmer doesn’t start as one of Kamala’s close friends. She’s a presence in her life, but not a very welcome one to begin with. However, she eventually realizes she’s a bit of a bully and makes amends with the people she hurt.

She becomes close friends with Kamala, Nakia, and Bruno, and even celebrates holidays with them. Zoe’s growth in character is part of Kamala’s growth. She becomes someone that Kamala can trust entirely, and helps her realize that she’s not on her own.

Zoe, Mike and Nakia ready for a slumber party
Zoe, Mike and Nakia arrive at the Khan house, ready for the perfect slumber part, Ms. Marvel vol 4, #31 (Marvel Comics)

Mike Miller is a later addition to Kamala’s group of friends. At first, Kamala distances herself from Mike, jealous because she’s dating Bruno. But, when Mike helps her save Bruno, the two start to become closer.

Eventually, she becomes a part of the gang and is an essential part of Kamala’s life. She helps her grow and overcome some of her doubts and feelings. Mike is a sweet and genuine friend who will help do whatever is right, no matter what.

The People Around You

Kamala’s story is popular and unique for many reasons. Not only is Kamala relatable and a new kind of hero, but the people around her are a refreshing addition. Her friends and family help her throughout all of the problems she has, and while some rifts form, they always mend them in the end.

Bruno, Zoe, Kamala and Nakia hugging
Kamala and some of her friends hugging it out as she realizes something very important, Ms. Marvel vol. 4, #38 (Marvel Comics)

Her family is loving, kind, and supportive, and her friends are loyal, helpful, and will do anything they can. They play a big part in Kamala finding her way and help to understand that no matter how hard things get, she’s never truly alone.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by guest writer Sarah Taylor. Taylor can be found on Twitter at @Sarah_IsWriting.]

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