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There are three simultaneous heat waves happening right now across the globe. The entire world is too hot to go outside this week. So let’s just stay inside and read some comics. This wasn’t a huge week for releases but DC does have some more Knight Terrors for those looking to be scared and Marvel has some solid offerings in the Spider-Man department and some fourth-wall-breaking heroes that might let in a breeze with their antics. Continue on for new comics from July 26, 2023!

[This week’s comics are provided by Warp Zone Comics and Collectibles. Warning: my reviews of this week’s comics contain some spoilers, read at your own risk.]

Boom! Studios: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #110

From Boom! Studios , written by Melissa Flores and featuring art by Simona Di Gianfelice. Issue #110 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers pulls double duty as both the conclusion of the Recharged storyline and the opening stage of the Darkest Hour event. The tension is cranked so high in this issue that it crackles right off the page.

Lord Zedd and the Power Rangers have to work together if they’re going to beat Mistress Vile, even if it feels wrong. But even if they can work together, it’s not going to be easy. Mistress Vile has big plans and a big army to back her up. Strap in for an intense issue as we prepare to end one era and start the next.

DC: Batman Gotham Knights Gilded City hardcover

Batman Gotham Knights Gilded City is a six-issue series from DC written by Evan Narcisse with art by Abel. It serves as a prequel to the video game Gotham Knights from Warner Brothers. This week DC released the full run as a hardcover graphic novel. The story is divided into two parts. Half is set in modern times where Batman and the Gotham Knights try to contain an unknown virus while they race to discover its origin.

The other half is set in mid-18th century Gotham as a similar illness ravages the city and its own vigilante, the Runaway, does their best to save the city. With a century-spanning conspiracy at work, do Batman, the Gotham Knights, or Runaway have any hope of saving Gotham? This is a great series on its own with wonderful character development and an exciting, action-packed plot. If you play the video game at all then it will certainly enrich both experiences but honestly, it’s not necessary to enjoy the comic at all.

DC: Knight Terrors Action Comics #1

From DC, written by Leah Williams and Phillip Kennedy Johnson, with art by Vasco Georgiev and Mico Suayan. The nightmares continue in Knight Terrors Action Comics #1. This time Power Girl and the Super-Twins are lost in their own fears. Superboy, Kong Nenan, and the Steel family also make an appearance in this event comic with two separate stories to enjoy.

The first story focuses on Power Girl and is an unrelenting barrage of horrific episodes for Kara. The second story is more of a slow burn with a huge payoff. The second is more my type of terror but both stories are well told and enjoyable.

DC: Knight Terrors Harley Quinn #1 

From DC, written by Tini Howard and Leah Williams with art from Hayden Sherman and Ben Templesmith. It’s been established in earlier comics that Harley Quinn has no fear anymore. So what exactly does someone without fear see in a nightmare? Apparently, a complete subconscious throw-up is the answer.

New Comics July 26 2023- Harley Quinn

Knight Terrors Harley Quinn doesn’t seem to have a really strong plotline. There’s a lot of action implied in each panel but not much actually happens. The art is kinda weird and off-putting too. Which I guess works since it’s a dream from the mind of a psychopath but it just didn’t really do it for me. Maybe a nightmare world from someone with no fear wasn’t the best idea in hindsight.

DC: Superman The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1

From DC, written by Mark Waid with art by Bryan Hitch. This new Superman series has an interesting premise: Superman’s arch-nemesis is dying. Does Superman help him find a cure or tell him to bug off? Well, he’s Superman so even though everyone else says to let him go, Superman can’t. He’s determined to help Lex. The big questions I need answered are why and how (for future reference, these are always the most important questions for a good story). Thankfully it looks like Waid will be answering these questions.

With a complex story that is definitely meant for adults (but not in a rated R or NC-17 kind of way), Waid promises to deliver some meaningful answers to why Superman would help Lex in the first place which should give fans a valuable new view of their great hero.

Marvel: Amazing Spider-Man #30

From Marvel, written by Zeb Wells with art from Ed McGuinness. Spidey has been dealing with a new and improved Doc Ock in the last few issues. And he has a new friend following him around, Doc Ock’s old mechanical arms. Spider-Man doesn’t trust Doc Ock’s old tech but the arms have come in handy a few times. Now Spidey has allowed them to merge with his neural network in order to save Norman from Doc Ock’s wrath.

New Comics July 26 2023- Spider-Man

The issue is a solid offering but it stays away from any real character development and uses Doc Ock as a joke figure. It looks for a minute that Spidey might become tainted by Doc Ock’s old arms but it’s a very quick minute and no real harm is ever done to our hero. 

Marvel: Deadpool #9

From Marvel, written by Alyssa Wong, and art by Zagaria and Luigi. The penultimate issue of this Deadpool run will test the limits of Wade’s pain tolerance and healing. The Atelier wants Deadpool’s symbiote dog but he isn’t letting them take him (man’s best friend and all). There are a couple of good surprises in this issue that set up the last issue for a really nice conclusion. As always, Deadpool is good for a few chuckles.

Marvel: She-Hulk #15

From Marvel, written by Rainbow Rowell and featuring art from Genolet and Andres. She-Hulk and Scoundrel’s relationship continues to be filled with tension. Jen is disgusted by Jack but attraction doesn’t always make logical sense. At the same time that she tries to deal with her love life, She-Hulk has to save all of New York City from her newest foe! And did I mention the aliens? There’s a lot going on in this issue and watching Jen deal with it all and come out on top is a treat.

New Comics july 26, 2023- She-Hulk

Marvel: What if…? Dark Spider-Gwen #1

From Marvel, written by Gerry Conway and Jody Houser with art by Ramon Bachs. This What if…? explores what would have happened if Spider-Man had died instead of Gwen Stacy that day on the bridge. The first of the new What If…? Dark event which is supposed to be what ifs but with a darker twist, has a familiar feel. After all, we already have a Gwen Stacy variant that did this. But this time around Gwen doesn’t have any superpowers. She’s just a normal girl trying to take down a supervillain. She’s motivated by revenge and not altruism so that gives a different slant to her character as well. It’s not a huge gamble for a what-if, but it’s not a total waste of time either.

And that’s some of the new comics releasing July 26, 2023!

That’s all from me for this week. Grab your lemonade, kick up your feet, and chill out with some of these great stories. Until next time, stay cool! If you want to pick up physical copies of any of these comic books to go with that lemonade, but you’re not sure where a shop is near you, try checking on

What are your favorite new comics from July 26, 2023, right now? Let us know on social media such as Twitter or The Cosmic Circus Discord!

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