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Review: Disney and Pixar’s Elemental Experience Tour

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Pixar Animation is on the brink of releasing its new film Elemental nationwide. This means marketing and promotion are gearing up to increase the awareness of the studio’s latest picture. Last week, we were invited to glance at a pop-up event called the Elemental Experience, described as a multi-city tour featuring thematic and immersive elements from the film for all children to enjoy.

The animated movie is said to be a romantic comedy-style Pixar movie involving two characters from different elements. Wade is a fire elemental, and Ember is a water essential. And it’s suggested by the trailer that mixed relationships between elements are frowned upon. There’s a lot of rich social commentary to unpack with this setup.

The Elemental Experience seems to be a marketing attempt for Disney/Pixar to introduce the concept to younger audiences in various cities. But is the Pixar pop-up impactful in its mission?

What elements are involved?

The pop-up features a handful of activities when entering the small space. Upon entering, depending on which direction chosen, one can either get some free apple seeds from two friendly Disney workers, or a complimentary glass of water from a pretend water valve wheel operated by the pop-up crew.

In the main entrance, lifesize versions of Ember and Wade sit on a bench. Children and parents are allowed to take photos next to the bench display (or in front. However, employees request that all visitors stay off the bench).

Pixar Elemental experience
Wade and Ember at Disney/Pixar’s Elemental Experience

The other activities are brief but fun for the little ones. They have a small video monitor set up where kids can make an interactive video with the characters of Elemental. The next station is where they hand out “make your own truffles kit.” It seemed like a chocolate treat for kids. The employees were also showing demonstrations on how to make the truffles.

The pop-up also features a station where kids can learn to draw characters from Elemental. One might perceive this as an everyday experience. However, the drawing instructors are actual Pixar animators; of all the activities inside the Elemental Experience, this one was by far the most active.

And last but not least was a wind tunnel for children, parents, and guardians to step inside for a chance at winning free tickets to the movie. The artificial wind stirs up a frenzy of flying fake tickets around contestants with a few actual Fandango tickets in the mix for them to catch.

Overall thoughts about Disney/Pixar’s Elemental Experience

Like most mall pop-ups, the area is rather cluttered, with very little space to maneuver. For example, consider the activity area around a mall Santa. Additionally, the experience is described as immersive, and while the Disney attraction has fun with ideas from the movie, the immersive nature of the pop-up could have gone further.

As an experience for kids, it is absolutely serviceable as a mall encounter. Let’s say one of our readers is out shopping already with the children in attendance; the Elemental Experience will be a fun distraction for the little ones.

This is especially great for kids who are aspiring artists. Imagine a child being able to learn artistry from a Pixar animator for a brief period. And all the artists present seemed caring, patient, and eager to teach the kids. Moreso, all of these small activities are free for anyone passing through.

Where will the Elemental Experience appear next?

The Elemental Experience pop-up just ended its run in Dallas last weekend. You can next catch it at The American at Brand in Los Angeles on June 10-12, followed by a final pop-up in San Francisco at the Hillside Shopping Center from June 16-18.

Pixar Elemental experience

What do you think? Are you excited to see Pixar’s Elemental when it releases in theaters on June 16 ? Will you check out the Elemental Experience? Let us know on social media or the Cosmic Circus Discord!

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