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I think it’s safe to say that most of us are nerds around here. From me and my fellow writers to our Editor-in-Chief, to even you dear readers. We’re all unified in our love for the nerdy franchises that have come to define who we are. We plaster that love onto the walls of our house, pepper it into the conversations we have, and, of course, wear it loud and proud in our fashion style. At times, especially in the grown-up world, it can be difficult to rock our fandoms in our fashion choices, but many companies are working hard to give fans the best of both worlds. That being said, Enso Rings has recently developed a DC collection of rings that are perfect for any fan of DC comics.

Enso Rings provided us with the DC collection, which consists of a set of three rings, styled in the colors and symbols of some of the mainstays of the DC universe. The rings are reasonably priced and provide subtle ways to show off your nerdiness without wearing your favorite Superman shirt to work. So should the Enso Rings DC collection be your next purchase? Read on to see what I thought of the newest DC jewelry on the market!

[Note: While I am reviewing the DC collection independently and honestly, it should be noted that the set of three rings was provided by Enso Rings for the purpose of this review.]

How Enso Rings came to be

Enso Rings was formed back in 2015 by best friends Brighton Jones and Aaron Daily, with a Kickstarter campaign that brought in over 15,000 dollars from backers who believed in the idea of what the company was selling. What exactly is it that they’re selling? Silicone rings that are durable and flexible while also remaining stylish and vibrant with different colors and inspired by a variety of different franchises and designs.

The idea came to fruition as an answer to a huge problem many individuals have to deal with at one point in their life, ring avulsion. This is an injury that results from a pull on the ring, causing damage to your finger. Depending on how much damage to the finger is caused, and if doctors can remove the ring easily or not, the loss of a finger is totally possible. Jones and Daily saw an opening in the market, and have pushed their company to one of the leaders in the silicon ring industry.

While there seems to be a huge safety component in the development of the rings, the brand itself has grown past just an alternative to traditional wedding rings. Yes, there are still a ton of choices on the website for simplistic wedding bands, but Enso has expanded to cover many brands, such as Disney, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and the reason for this article, the DC collection.

Enso Rings: DC Collection

The DC collection is of right now three rings, which can be purchased individually ($49.99), in a set of two (77.99), and the complete set of all three ($114.99). The collection features three of the most easily recognizable heroes from the DC: Superman, Batman, and The Flash. Each ring is decked out in the signature colors for each hero, along with their respective symbol emblazoned across the front of the ring along with thin bands that run around the length of the ring to better show off the colors.

Enso Rings DC Collection
The three DC rings inside the box. Enso Rings DC Collection.

For each ring, there’s a specific color on the outside of the ring, with the hero’s secondary color placed on the inside of the ring and along the inside of the design. For example, the Superman ring is a bright, beautiful blue on the outside, with the deep red of Superman’s colors on the inside of the Enso ring as well as in the design of the Superman symbol on the front of the ring. 

The colors together are instantaneously recognizable as Superman even from a distance and each ring is exactly the same way. Batman’s is the bold black front and the bright yellow underneath, while The Flash is the brilliant red outside and the golden yellow underneath. I gasped just a bit when I first saw them, as they were fantastic rings that represented some of my favorite heroes.

The entire collection came together in a simple enough box, which had the heroes plastered on the top and a small card information card located inside the box on top of the rings. Before I even put them on, I was blown away by the quality of the silicone rings. I haven’t ever worn any kind of silicone rings before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but these rings were definitely a game-changer for me.

Wearing Enso Rings and other information

Throughout my years, I have attempted to wear many different rings to varying success. Usually, I end up feeling that the rings either feel too heavy or made from materials that bother my skin in some capacity. I’m also someone who fidgets with the rings frequently, so there’s always a good chance I’m going to lose the rings if I play with them too much.

But because these Enso Rings are made of silicone, they are incredibly lightweight, so much so that many times I forgot I was even wearing a ring. Their shape, while reminiscent of a men’s wedding band, didn’t feel clunky or odd on the finger because it bent and moved with you. At no time did it feel restrictive or unnatural, which caused me to fiddle with it less often than other standard rings I’ve worn.

Dc Collection Box Cover
The cover of the box that the DC collection came in. Enso Rings.

The rings also have built-in grips on the inside, with hugs the finger without feeling like it’s choking it. With the grips as well, there are grooves, which allowed water and sweat to escape easier, and stopped my skin from getting moist and gross. I put the ring through the gambit of trials, to test the durability and impact on my skin, and for me, it remained impressive looking and without causing any irritation or problems.

That’s not to say that it may not impact others. My mother tested another one of the rings, and after a while the material irritated her finger, causing it to turn slightly red underneath. My suggestion would be to remove it every so often and allow your finger to air out, to decrease the likelihood of this problem occurring.

Overall, the DC collection from Enso Rings impressed me and I have yet to take off the Superman ring. These rings are lightweight and durable and are the perfect way to show off your love for DC and superheroes. These rings are sexy and make being a nerd classy once again.

Enso Rings DC collection is available now! Will you be purchasing one of these rings? Let us know on Twitter or in The Cosmic Circus Discord.

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